SharkNinja unveil first-time global launches for the home to give you more cooking freedom, and less time on chores

SharkNinja 2024 EMEA Launch Event: Unveiling of new Shark products for UK and Europe
(Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

SharkNinja unveiled a fresh run of product releases for UK and Europe at their EMEA Launch Event. They're one of the global leaders for kitchen, outdoor, cleaning and beauty products, and the event showed what the region will soon be seeing, including a first-of-its-kind Double Stack Air Fryer.

Among the product announcements are three first-time global launches, including the Double Stack Air Fryer, the FrostVault Cooler and the ProChef Connected Thermometer. Many of the products are available in the US already, and will soon be introduced to the EMEA market.

The new products from SharkNinja coming in 2024

Ninja make some of the best air fryers and multi-cookers, while Shark are competing with the cleaning titans with some of the best vacuum cleaners.

Air fryers, vacuum cleaners, multi cookers, and blenders were among the new products announced for UK and Europe. We got a chance to try them out at SharkNinja's 2024 EMEA Launch Event, and we're excited about what's coming.

Many of the products have US-based versions that are already available, while others are first-time global launches from the SharkNinja range. 

Ninja Double Stack Air Fryer

Ninja Double Stack Air Fryer on display at SharkNinja 2024 event

The air fryer will be available in 7.6L and 9.5L versions (Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

This was the star of the show, hands down. We were all a little surprised that nobody had thought of this already, but Ninja have solved the problem of dual-basket air fryers taking up too much space by stacking the baskets vertically.

No capacity or cooking power is sacrificed here either. You can cook four foods at once across the two baskets, with each basket able to cook with its own time and temperature settings.

At the event I tried a whole menu of food cooked straight from the Double Stack Air fryer, like chicken, veg, calamari and patatas bravas — and it all tasted amazing.

Ninja Woodfire Pro Connect XL Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker

Ninja Woodfire Pro Connect XL on display at SharkNinja's 2024 EMEA Launch Event

You can control the temperature from your phone (Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

An upgrade from the Woodfire Pro, the Ninja Woodfire Pro Connect XL Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker is the first smart grill from the kitchen and outdoor brand. App connectivity means that you can control and monitor your cooking from your phone, with real-time cooking statuses and accurate temperature setting. 

It's 30% bigger than the original and has seven cooking modes: grill, smoke, air fry, roast, bake, reheat and rehydrate. And using the Ninja Pro Connect app, you can program two different types of meat at two different cook levels, with an alert to tell you when each is ready. 

And the beauty of the Ninja Woodfire range is the ability to achieve smoky flavors using only electricity and real-wood burning pellets; no charcoal.

It's been available in the US for some time retailing at $499.75, but will be making its way to the UK and Europe this year. 

And, pair it with the new Ninja ProChef Connected Thermometer that can withstand temperatures up to 370°C. It connects to the same app, letting you monitor your cooking uninterrupted. It's also soon to be available in the UK and Europe. 

Ninja Combi 12-in-1 Multi-Cooker

Ninja Combi 12-in-1 Multi-Cooker, Oven & Air Fryer demonstrated at SharkNinja's 2024 EMEA Launch Event

One appliance, 12 cooking modes (Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

The new multi-cooker has an impressive 12 functions: Combi meals, Combi crisp, Combi bake, prove, rice/pasta, steam, grill, air fry, bake, reheat, sear/sauté, and slow cook. That's a tremendous amount of choice to have packed into one appliance.

The Combi uses steam cooking and air frying to cook food that's both and crispy and juicy, without sacrificing on flavor. It's also able to cook a main dish and two sides at the same time, saving a big chunk of time and effort in the kitchen. 

The Ninja Combi SFP700 available in the US at Walmart, but the UK and Europe will soon be seeing the new 12-in-1 multi-cooker.

Ninja Detect Duo Power Blender Pro

Ninja Detect Duo Power Blender Pro at SharkNinja 2024 Launch Event

Blend, chop, mince... (Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

A blender that can detect what you're putting in it? Now that's handy.

Using what Ninja refer to as BlendSense technology, the Detect Duo Power Blender Pro can recognise ingredients to determine the ideal time, power, and blade speed.

You can use it manually when you need a specific blend, but with this level of smart tech, this could shape up to be one of the best blenders out there.

Ninja FrostVault Cooler

Ninja FrostVault Cooler

Keep fresh food dry and separate in its own drawer (Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

Entering into the world of coolers is Ninja's first cool box, the FrostVault Cooler. It's an intelligent design: two split sections that separate ice from the dry goods. 

The FrostVault can keep ice frozen for up to five days—wildly impressive insulation for a cooler that isn't electric-powered. The cold transfers to the DryZone drawer to keep raw ingredients food-safe (below 4.5˚ C) for up to five days - as well as avoiding cross-contamination.

A global first, it'll be available in the UK and Europe in a 50qt capacity that can fit 80 cans or 50 bottles, and a 30qt capacity for up to 48 cans.

Shark Wet Cleaning Range

The new Shark wet cleaning range includes three new products coming to the UK and Europe.

Shark CarpetXpert Deep Carpet Cleaner

A deep carpet cleaner that features a built-in stain and spot cleaner. The CarpetXpert said to clean 8x deeper than regular vacuums, designed with a high-speed brush roll for high-pressure spray to tackle carpets and upholstery. 

Shark StainStriker Pet Stain & Spot Cleaner

We saw the StainStriker in action, sucking up a glittery stain from an armchair like it was nothing. The fun thing about this cleaner is the see-through nozzle, showing you exactly what it's cleaning in all its murky vibrancy.

Shark HydroVac Hard Floor Cleaner

Corded and cordless models are available for this powerful vacuum and wet mop combo, designed to target hard floors. If you're wondering: should I buy a wet/dry vacuum? Well, they certainly offer more cleaning versatility being able to tackle wet and dry messes, so the new HydroVac could find a helpful place in your home. 

Shark Matrix Robot Vacuum

Shark Matrix Robot Vacuum and Mop

(Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

The Shark Matrix robot vacuum has been available in the UK and Europe for a while, but the new model combines vacuum cleaning with a mop. 

The robot can map out your home to intelligently navigate whilst avoiding obstacles, using a matrix grid to clean floors thoroughly. The brush roll is self-cleaning, and the mop attachment is washable, not disposable, so that you can continue to scrub floors without having to buy new mop parts. 

It's available in the US as the Shark Matrix Plus 2-in-1 for $699.60, and will be in the UK and Europe soon.

Shark FlexBreeze Fan

Shark FlexFreeze Fan

(Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

The FlexFreeze fan can be used indoors or outdoors. Easily change the legs between pedestal and tabletop depending on wherever you are, with up to 20 hours of runtime when fully charged. 

That makes it a game-changer on hot days outside, particularly as the fan's breeze can be felt up to 20 metres away. There's also a mist attachment, where you can hook up your hose to the back of the fan and it'll disperse a cooling mist. 

It's available in the US at $199.99, and it'll soon be introduced to the UK and Europe. 

Shark NeverChange Air Purifier

Shark NeverChange air purifier

(Image credit: Future / Dan Fauzi)

We got to see first-hand what this air purifier can do. With a HEPA filter with a five-year lifespan, the NeverChange can last a lot longer than many air purifier alternatives.

A screen displays the air quality, and we saw how the number instantly lowered as the demonstrator sprayed deodorant in front of it. It can capture dust, hair, lint, pet dander, allergens—all through cleanable pre-filters. 

It's available in the US for $299.99, and will soon be found at Shark and at retailers in the UK and Europe. 

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