Samsung just launched America’s largest capacity refrigerator

Samsung 7400 4-Door REF
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If you’ve ever had to play the equivalent of Jenga to get your groceries in and out of your refrigerator, you’re not alone. Research has found that 33% of people think storage is too limited in refrigerators, and if that’s you, Samsung’s latest launch could be the answer to your storage woes. 

The Mega Capacity French Door Refrigerator is 10% bigger than previous models on the inside while staying the same size on the outside. This means it offers the most storage space in the category without taking up any more precious space in your kitchen. Elsewhere, it has Wi-Fi controls, comes in several different designs, and features a new Dual Ice Maker for the first time in the Mega Capacity range. 

Keep reading to learn more about Samsung’s new refrigerator line, as well as where you can get your hands on it. And for more, take a look at our guide to the best French door refrigerators overall.

Samsung Mega Capacity Refrigerator: Features 

The new Samsung Mega Capacity French Door refrigerator is available as a 3-door or 4-door model with either a full-depth or counter-depth design.  

The largest 3-Door model comes in stainless steel and offers 32 cu. ft. of storage capacity makes it America’s largest refrigerator in its class. The refrigerator section offers 22.3 cu. ft., eight-door bins, and adjustable slide-in shelving to make room for large and tall items. There is then 9.2 cu. ft in the freezer. 

You can alternatively buy a 3-door model with 31 cu. ft. of space in stainless steel, Matte Black, or 25 cu. ft. Mega Capacity Counter Depth 3-Door. 

In the 4-door category, the largest model offers 30 cu. ft in the full-depth design – 21.3 cu. ft. in the refrigerator and 8.5 cu. ft. in the freezer – as well as 25 cu. ft. in the counter-depth version. 

Samsung 5100 3-Door REF

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The full-depth models have seven-door bins and the same adjustable slide-in shelving for large and tall items as the 3-door model. They then come in stainless steel and Black Matte Steel.

All redesigned refrigerators in the new Mega Capacity range additionally have Wi-Fi. This means they connect to the SmartThings app so you can monitor and manage your refrigerator's power usage from your phone. This app will send energy-saving tips and alerts to help lower your electric bill and will send alerts and notifications if you leave the door open if there’s a sudden temperature change, or it's time to change the water filter.

The 3-door, counter-depth fridge additionally comes with the Family Hub smart display fitted into the door. When connected to Wi-Fi, you can see notifications on this display, mirror what’s playing on your smart TV, look inside your fridge remotely when out shopping, and much more.

Elsewhere, the Mega Capacity range now features the Dual Ice Maker with Ice Bites feature, first introduced in Samsung's Bespoke fridges. This lets you choose from four types of ice and makes up to 38 pounds of ice per day.

Each model comes with Samsung’s All-Around Cooling feature to keep your food fresher for longer. This uses evenly spaced vents and temperature sensors to ensure the interior temperature stays the same throughout the fridge.

Samsung Mega Capacity French Door Refrigerator: Price & availability 

Prices for the 3-door fridge start at $2,099 for the 3-door, 32 cu. ft. full-depth, stainless steel model. The prices for the rest of the range are as follows: 

  • 3-door 31 cu. ft. full-depth stainless steel: $2,599 
  • 3-door 31 cu. ft. full-depth black matte steel: $2,699
  • 3-door 25 cu. ft counter-depth stainless steel with Family Hub: $3,799

Prices for the 4-door fridge are as follows: 

  • 4-door 30 cu. ft. full-depth stainless steel: $3,099 
  • 4-door 30 cu. ft. full-depth black matte steel: $3,199
  • 4-door 25 cu. ft counter-depth stainless steel: $3,199

All models are available from Samsung and Best Buy.

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