Mammotion launches the LUBA 2 AWD Series at CES to give grass a higher cut, and you more control

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The Mammotion LUBA 2 AWD Series has been unveiled at CES 2024. It builds on the success of it's predecessor, LUBA AWD 5000, to give us more choice in how we automate our grass cutting.

Owning one of the best robot lawn mowers is always going to be a good shout, especially if you have a large lawn and don't have the time to maintain it - and/or if you're not a fan of pushing a lawn mower around which is a fair enough reason.

LUBA 2 AWD is better than last year in a few ways. It's equipped with 3D Vision, Ultrasonic Radar, and a physical bumper to triple guarantee that obstacles will be avoided. It also has improved water protection; the RTK reference station is now IPX7 rather than IPX6, meaning that it is designed to withstand water without being damaged.

And here's another thing which makes the new series cool. It has an app so you can schedule when it goes out to cut the grass and choose different mowing patterns to create custom designs. Yep: you can now write 'Hello',' Happy Birthday', and 'Will you marry me?' (etc.) in your grass with your LUBA. It uses advanced algorithms to adjust the mowing route, cutting height, and angle to ensure precise mowing of desired lawn patterns.

It can now also be controlled by voice. Imagine this: sitting in the living room and thinking that you really should cut the grass, but moving off the couch isn't an option. You can just say the magic words: "Alexa, start the LUBA" (with your Amazon Alexa switched on), and it'll get the job done. The series is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for complete automation when and where you want it.

Mammotion luba 2 awd series looking from above

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

Mammotion LUBA 2 AWD Series: model numbers

There's a total of eight versions of the new series to choose from. The main differences between them are the cutting heights, maximum mowing capabilities, and the in-app area storage capacity. 

The brand has also introduced the 'H' version, which is for trimming back higher grass and maintaining the higher grass length to a more satisfactory height. You can adjust these heights in the app. The 'H' version has a length of between 2.4-4in, whereas the 'S' version can be between 1.2-2.7in.

Models in the Standard 'S' Version include the LUBA 2 AWD 10000, LUBA 2 AWD 5000, LUBA 2 AWD 3000, and LUBA 2 AWD 1000. As an example of how the specs between each model differs, the LUBA 2 AWD 10000 offers the maximum mowing size of 2.5 acres, whereas the LUBA 2 AWD 1000 is capable of achieving up to 0.25 acres.

Those models in the 'H' version include the LUBA 2 AWD 10000H, LUBA 2 AWD 5000H, LUBA 2 AWD 3000H, and LUBA 2 AWD 1000H. These offer all the same specifications as the Standard version but have the only difference of the cutting height, which sets them apart.

All of the above LUBA 2 AWD Series is available to pre-order on the Mammotion online store in America, Europe, and Australia. We're looking forward to trying them out in our backyard, and seeing how they stack up against their earlier model: Mammotion LUBA AWD 5000.

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