IFA Berlin 2023 - our predictions for the best reveals this year

IFA Berlin at the Messe Berlin building
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IFA Berlin 2023 has officially kicked off its pre-show ahead of the wider opening on September 1, and we're here to give you the skinny on what's coming up.

But first, you'd be forgiven for asking up top - what exactly is IFA, and why should I care?

Taking place in Berlin once a year, IFA gives all the biggest electronics brands the chance to show off their new and existing products, often unveiling exciting innovations and sneak previews of things to come. This means you'll get all the key info about the next generation appliances; from the best washing machines to the best robot vacuums, and smart home gadgets for a steer on how they'll impact our lives from all one place.

Keep reading to see what we're most excited about this year, and keep your eyes peeled for news and hands-on first impressions from us over the coming days.

Who we're looking forward to seeing at IFA Berlin 2023

LG SIGNATURE Washer-Dryer with Heat Pump

(Image credit: LG)


LG will be launching a brand new washer-dryer with a heat pump as part of its LG SIGNATURE series during IFA 2023. The appliance is compact and uses heat pump technology for gentle, effective washing and drying. Being from the SIGNATURE line, it's also easy on the eye and has a 25kg washing and 13kg drying capacity.

You also get the TWINWash feature - which is basically a smaller washer below the main drum where you can wash delicates. LG is also promising AI-powered laundry that detects things like load size, residual moisture, and fabric types - along with a smart touch door and voice recognition tech. 

Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company, said: "The LG SIGNATURE Washer-Dryer with Heat Pump is an advanced, all-in-one package offering space efficiency and time-saving automation together with a top-notch performance. Aligned with LG SIGNATURE’s new brand theme, ‘Live beyond.’, which is all about presenting solutions that help consumers live their ideal life, we will continue introducing innovations that go beyond expectations and make everyday life more convenient.” 


Beko impressed last year with its water-efficient SaveWater Dishwasher, which offered the lowest water consumption of any appliance in its range. We have every reason to believe that the brand will be bringing something equally exciting to IFA 2023, so keep your eyes peeled.

Meaco Arete One

(Image credit: Meaco)


Meaco will be showcasing its latest range of energy-efficient air treatment products - in particular, the new Sefte fans and the latest Arete Two dehumidifiers. They will also have a range of humidifiers to show off at the conference. That adds up to more products than the brand has ever taken to the show.

The Sefte fan, which means quiet, gentle, and undisturbed, is the latest addition to the brand's line of desktop, pedestal, and portable fans. It promises even less noise with more air movement, as well as Wi-Fi and a battery-powered version. Officially unveiled this weekend, it will be released in Europe in Spring 2024.

The Arete Two will be Wi-Fi compatible and available in four sizes (10L, 12L, 20L and 25L). The dehumidifiers will be launched in Europe later this year.

SwitchBot S10

(Image credit: SwitchBot)


Switchbot is waiting for IFA to get underway before it properly unveils its new floor-cleaning bot, but the SwitchBot S10 has already been making waves online for what it promises. According to the above tantalizing graphic, this is a world first, with the clever robo mop able to add water to your humidifier before auto-emptying, traveling over to refill, and then returning to its cleaning. It's just crazy enough for us to call it genius.


These guys love to wait until events such as IFA Berlin for a big reveal of a new product line up, and this year is no exception. Last year they launched the Dreame L10 Ultra; an ambitiously powerful robot vacuum and mop with self-emptying station, and we've heard rumours of an impending similar launch. We can't say much more than this ahead of launch but needless to say it’s got plenty of exciting new features including the ability to clean within 2mm of the edge.

When is IFA Berlin 2023?

The event officially starts on September 1, but our deputy editor will be at the event from August 31, testing out all of the products she can get her hands on and chatting to those in the know about how the new fleet of appliances and tech will make our lives easier, cheaper, and more convenient.

Caroline Preece
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