Beko is on a mission to save us all money with our next washing machine

Beko washer with new energy saving features
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Sustainability and cost-saving are on everyone's minds right now, but none more so than those designing and building our household appliances. TopTenReviews has spent the last week at IFA - the annual consumer tech show taking place in Berlin - and we haven't seen a brand that doesn't have some plan to make their products more eco-friendly.

Perhaps one of the loudest voices on this topic in the household space, though, is Beko, who has long-been a leader in making the best washer dryers (and a lot more). But that's not enough in their eyes, as the host of new planet-friendly features illustrates. Their line-up, from dishwashers and washers to heat pumps and refrigerators, is getting greener.

Beko EnergySpin technology launch at IFA 2023

Beko EnergySpin technology launch at IFA 2023 (Image credit: Beko)

EnergySpin: What is it?

EnergySpin makes all of Beko washing machines' most frequently used programs into eco-friendly ones, making its models more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective. That means that the eco-anxious no longer have to rely on one setting for their washer but can be sure they are saving energy all the time.

It does this by releasing detergent earlier and employing an ultra-fast drum rather than relying on heat to dissolve and remove the dirt like the average appliance.

Beko promises that this new technology will save up to 35% of the energy used for daily programs, with no impact felt by the user: same results, less cost to our wallets and our planet.

This is, in theory, a way to not only encourage users to choose a more energy-efficient setting, but also remove the choice altogether. The feature is now standard for all of Beko's machines, on the “Cottons,” “Synthetics,” “Quick,” “Delicates,” “Mix,” “20°C program,” and “ColdWash” programs.”

IFA announcements graphic

IFA 2023 Beko announcements graphic (Image credit: Future)

Anything else?


Showcased again this year but officially unveiled at the 2022 show was SaveWater - which allows the water you use in your dishwasher or tumble dryer cycle to be saved and reused within the appliance - no effort from you required. According to the company, this saves up to 5.2L water per cycle, equivalent to 1 out of every 12 washes.


Shortening our wash cycles is AquaTech, which uses a sensor to position paddles at the top of the drum, distributing detergent more evenly and directing water directly onto clothes. It also adapts to load sizes and could save up to 50% on energy usage.


One of the few innovations not about saving the world, IronFinish is still a nifty feature that uses temperature and humidity monitoring through the drying cycle to ensure your clothes come out looking crease-free. 

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