Losing the battle with pet hair? Samsung’s new washer/dryer may be the answer

Samsung Top Load Laundry Pet Care
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Nearly three-quarters of homes in the US have at least one pet, and while we may love them as family members, many of us won’t love how their hair gets everywhere. 

What’s more, the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair can only do so much; they can’t get rid of the hairs that get stuck in your clothes and laundry - not to mention the pet odor that can often linger. 

Samsung has found a solution – its new Smart Top Load Washer with Pet Care Solution and the Smart Dryer with Pet Care Dry

Samsung Smart Top Load Washer with Pet Care Solution: Features 

As the name suggests, Samsung’s new washer is a top-load model with a 5.4 cu. ft. capacity drum. Samsung calls this capacity “extra large,” but it’s about average for the best top-load washers we’ve tried. 

Inside the washer are two pet hair filters similar to laundry lint filters. These are designed to trap pet hair inside to remove it from the clothes and stop it from clogging up your plumbing. 

During the wash cycle, Samsung’s new washer creates “dynamic water currents” that help loosen dirt, rinse hair, and remove pet odor and pollen. And if the clothes are particularly soiled, or you’re washing your pet’s bedding or blankets, the washer has a built-in Active WaterJet faucet to help rinse the clothes before they go through a wash cycle. 

In addition to the Pet Wash Cycle, there are 10 additional wash cycle settings depending on your needs, and the Super Speed setting finishes in just 28 minutes. 

All of this is then powered by Samsung’s Digital Inverter Motor, which is said to be so durable and efficient that it comes with a 20-year warranty – the longest on the market in this category.

 Samsung Dryer with Pet Care Dry 

To boost the pet hair cleaning capabilities of the Pet Care Solution washer, Samsung has also launched the Samsung Dryer with Pet Care. 

The 7.4 cu. ft. dryer uses a “dynamic tumbling algorithm” that is said to have been engineered to help eliminate smells. And when your clothing and pet items require a deeper clean, the new dryer comes with a Steam Sanitize+ setting that removes 95% of pollen from fabric while helping to knock out light wrinkles and reduce odors. 

There’s even a reversible dryer door that lets you choose which way your dryer door opens to suit your laundry room layout.

When used with the new Samsung Pet Care washer, the dryer-washer combo promises to remove six times the pet hair than the standard washer. 

Both appliances are Wi-Fi compatible, and as well as getting end-of-cycle alerts on your phone, you can remotely start, stop, schedule, or delay cycles using the SmartThings app. If you buy both appliances, SmartThings can even use its Auto Cycle Link feature to automatically match the wash and dry cycle for optimal cleaning and ensure everything finishes simultaneously. 

Samsung Pet Care: Prices & availability 

Samsung's Smart Top Load Washer with Pet Care Solution costs $1,149. It’s available in white and brushed navy and ships from 16 August. 

An electric version of the Smart Dryer with Pet Care Dry costs $1,149, or you can buy a gas model for $1,249). The dryer is also available in white and brushed navy and ships from 16 August. 

The two new appliances are available to pre-order at Samsung.com and will come to “select retailers nationwide” after 16 August.   

Victoria Woollaston
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