Whirlpool reveals new SlimTech insulation for its fridges at CES — and they're 25% bigger on the inside

SlimTech insulation refrigerator technology being unveiled at CES 2024
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Whirlpool is set to introduce SlimTech insulation — the first vacuum-insulated structure (VIS) technology of its kind — into its refrigerator range. Revealing the innovation at CES 2024, taking place in Las Vegas this week, our editor was able to see first-hand what the new product type was all about.

Whirlpool is already a favorite of ours for the best French door refrigerators and best side-by-side refrigerators alike, and the technology is designed to increase capacity, improve performance, and enhance design while providing more sustainable options when it's time to replace the appliance.

The highly porous powder blend used in the insulation is vacuum-sealed within the refrigerator door or sides, removing the need for the bulky polyurethane foam insulation used previously.

In short, this means that the wall thickness is reduced by up to 66%, making room for up to 25% more capacity inside the refrigerator. 

SlimTech insulation refrigerator technology being unveiled at CES 2024

(Image credit: Future)

Chelsey Whitehead, director of product and brand marketing for JennAir, said: "Whirlpool Corporation and JennAir brand once again are on the cutting edge of innovation and design with the introduction of SlimTech insulation.

"The JennAir refrigerators featuring SlimTech insulation will provide a greater ability to keep food fresher and longer while also elevating and transforming kitchen spaces for design professionals and consumers alike."

As well as creating more space inside, the technology will make it possible to create less obtrusive refrigerators that blend more seamlessly into the room or can be integrated into furniture pieces. This can be a game-changer for those who want their refrigeration spaces to be both functional and stylish. As of now, the technology is only available for built-in refrigerator models.

SlimTech insulation also has the potential to be recycled, making it a more sustainable option for the environment. Plus, by increasing the thickness of the insulation walls, thermal conductivity is reduced, which can make the refrigerator up to 50% more energy-efficient.

SlimTech insulation refrigerator technology being unveiled at CES 2024

(Image credit: Future)

"SlimTech insulation technology will help Whirlpool Corporation revolutionize how we think about refrigeration in our homes," added Rob Moser, vice president of design for Whirlpool Corporation. " With thinner walls, SlimTech insulation unlocks the ability to use refrigeration in previously unreachable or unthought-of spaces - we're excited about all the future applications."

Another advantage of SlimTech insulation is that it can keep food fresh for longer by reducing temperature swings from door openings, cooling up to 30% faster. The technology also enables more interior customization with metal interiors, providing cleaner angles that eliminate the need for less aesthetically pleasing molded plastic interiors.

The technology will be launched later this year in select JennAir luxury 30 in. Slimtech Insulation Column refrigerators, and will also eventually be incorporated into KitchenAid refrigerators. We expect this to lead to more colorways, as only black was available to see at the event.

Pricing is TBC, but Whirlpool indicated that SlimTech refrigerators will be priced similarly to existing models.

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