Weber Q1200 review: a reliable, compact portable gas grill

Ideal for couples or a small family

Weber Q1200 portable gas grill being tested in writer's home
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The Weber Q1200 is a reliable and compact portable gas grill, ideal for outdoor cooking in small spaces. With a high-quality design, it comes with a single burner, electric ignition, and two fold-out side tables. However, it may not be truly portable, has limited cooking space, and is not super budget-friendly.


  • +

    Compact size

  • +

    High-quality design and features

  • +

    Cast iron cooking grates

  • +

    Available in six different colors


  • -

    Heavy for a portable model

  • -

    Cooking area of only 192 square inches

  • -

    Less budget-friendly than some other portable models

  • -

    Only one burner

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This review of the Weber Q1200 examines the performance of this portable grill to determine whether it is truly portable and if it provides enough power and cooking area despite its small size. For a comparison with other models, you can refer to our best gas grills guide.

The Weber Q1200 aims to prove that size is not a limiting factor when it comes to gas grills. This small tabletop grill has a high-quality design and features that are synonymous with Weber's grills. It includes a single burner, electric ignition (powered by battery), and two fold-out side tables. With a cooking area of 192 sq in, it is ideal for couples or a small family, and its compact size makes it perfect for outdoor cooking in small spaces such as on an apartment balcony or for packing in the car trunk for trips away from home.

I tested the Weber Q1200 by cooking steaks, burgers, vegetables, and more to assess its cooking power and evaluated how easy it is to assemble and clean. I also examined its portability and storage convenience. Keep reading to discover whether this portable grill is the right choice for you!

Naomi MacKay
Naomi Mackay

Naomi MacKay is Top Ten Reviews' Customer Advisor for Grills. She tested the Napoleon Freestyle 425 for a week to assess the range of its cooking capabilities, accessories, ease of use, and maintenance. Naomi has been a freelance writer and editor for 20 years, having previously made the move from local newspapers and consumer technology magazines into the gardening press as Assistant Editor at Garden Answers magazine, and writes garden columns for a number of publications.

Weber Q1200: Key specs

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TypeGas (propane)
Cooking surfaceGrate
Cooking surface area189 square inches
Side burner?No
Rotisserie compatible?No
DimensionsH15.5 x W40.9 x D16.5 inches
Weight31 lbs

Weber Q1200: Price & availability

The Weber grill may not be the most affordable option out there, but it's not the most expensive either. For example, the Napoleon TravelQ 285 Portable Gas BBQ Grill costs about $100 more, but it offers more features like a larger cooking area, two individual burners, and a griddle option. If you need a bigger grill, this might be worth considering. The Napoleon grill's lid is also high enough to roast a whole chicken, and it's even suitable for cooking Thanksgiving turkey! 

If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, you might want to consider the Cuisinart Chef's Style Portable Propane Tabletop Professional Gas Grill. It's around $60 cheaper than the Weber grill, 22 lbs lighter, and has folding legs and a lockable lid and handles, making it easier to transport. It also has two burners, but its warranty is only three years, so you might need to replace it sooner than the Weber grill.

Weber Q1200: Setup

The box that contains the tabletop grill is surprisingly large. However, assembling it is a breeze. You can purchase one from your local Weber dealer and have it up and running in no time. Attaching the lid, screwing on the handles, inserting the cooking grates, and screwing in the gas are all that's required. Even the least technical person can do it easily!

Weber Q1200: Design

One of the exciting features of the Weber grill is that it is available in six different colors. Although I tested the standard black model, you can choose from blue, red, green, white, and more to match your outdoor decor color scheme. The cooking grates are made of cast iron with porcelain coating and perform well, providing good flavor and even heat distribution. Moreover, they are easy to clean, which is always essential. 

The Weber grill has an unusual design that adds to its stylish appearance. However, it's quite heavy, weighing around 31 lbs, so it may not be truly portable. While you might carry it onto your balcony or porch, move it around your yard, pop it in the car trunk, or take it when you go on the road in an RV, it may not be practical to cart it off on a hike anytime soon. 

This grill is pretty sturdy, and with a five-year warranty, it should last well if you look after it. It has one burner, which makes it easy to grill fuss-free. I like that the side tables fold out on each side, making it easier to store. Having side tables for a small grill like this is a nice touch, and you could stand it on a table or purchase an accompanying stand. 

The grill is powered by small gas tanks that simply screw in underneath, and it seems reasonably economical with fuel. However, if you're going to use it as your main barbecue in your backyard or on a balcony, it may be worth investing in the adapter kit and hose to connect to a regular-size gas bottle and save on purchasing a steady stream of portable ones.

Weber Q1200 portable gas grill being tested in writer's home

(Image credit: Future)

Weber Q1200: Performance

The Q1200 is perfect for basic barbecuing for a couple or small family. It has a small cooking area and only one burner, which means that there's no opportunity for indirect cooking. Even if there was enough room, it is unlikely that you would be able to roast a whole chicken. However, the grill provides plenty of space for a couple of steaks or a pack of burgers, making it ideal for a quick supper after work.

Although the Q1200 gets to temperature reasonably quickly, the temperature drops when the lid is opened, and it takes a while to get back to the desired temperature once the lid is closed again. 

I am pleased that you can buy a griddle plate for half of the grill, which offers some adaptability to this small grill. This feature is perfect for an al fresco breakfast for RV campers.

Similar to other Weber grills I have recently tested, such as the Weber Traveler and the Weber Genesis EPX-335, the Q1200 has a grease tray that fits Weber's disposable foil trays. These trays can be easily purchased online, but I found that they could also be scraped out and put in the dishwasher.

Weber Q1200 portable gas grill being tested in writer's home

(Image credit: Future)

Weber Q1200: Maintenance

The Weber side tables have the ability to fold upwards, which is a great space-saving feature when storing. Also, if you need to leave it outside, there is a high-quality cover available to purchase separately.

According to Weber's online expert, it's recommended to perform a "burn-off" while the Q1200 is preheating. For around 15 minutes, keep the temperature on high until it reaches between 500 to 600 degrees Celsius. Then, open it up and brush the grates with a clean stainless steel brush. Always brush in the direction of the openings in the burner. The expert also suggests replacing the brush every season. 

It is recommended to remove the grates every month and use a second stainless steel brush that is specifically not used on the grate. This brush is used to brush the burner tubes up and down to remove any leftover food particles that may have fallen and clogged the burner tubes. 

To clean the cook box, take a plastic putty knife and remove any debris surrounding the inside of the grill. Push everything into the opening down into the drip pan.

Weber Q1200: User reviews

According to one reviewer, this grill packs quite a punch and performs like its much bigger cousins, all in a significantly smaller footprint. It can reach temperatures of up to 500 degrees in no time flat, making it easy to grill a medium-rare ribeye to perfection. There is also plenty of room for two people to grill a complete meal with meat and veggies, and four decent-sized steaks can fit just fine.

Some users worry that setting the grill on a tailgate or table will burn the surface, but that is not the case. One reviewer highlights that the bottom of the grill does not get smoking hot, making it safe to set on picnic tables and other surfaces without the risk of damage from the extreme heat.

However, some negative comments focus on the grill's performance in windy conditions. According to a reviewer, windy conditions may use up a lot more fuel, as the instructions allude. They suggest that Weber should increase the BTUs so that you can cook rare and medium-rare steaks and burgers more easily.

Weber Q1200: Expert opinion

I spoke to Ross Bearman, the founder of BBQ gift company Ross & Ross Gifts, to get his opinion on the best gas grills available. I specifically asked him about the Weber Q1200, and here's what he had to say:

"The Q1200 is perfect for those who are short on space. It's ideal for couples or small families who want to barbecue on their balcony or while camping. This grill is perfect for quick and simple grilling rather than long, slow cooks. If you want to cook a camping breakfast with bacon, tomatoes, and eggs, I suggest adding on the griddle."

Should you buy the Weber Q1200?

The Weber Q1200 is a reliable grill, and if its cooking space meets your requirements, it is a worthwhile investment. While it may be a bit expensive for occasional use as an extra grill on outdoor trips, it is a good option for RV campers or those who need a compact grill for frequent cooking on a balcony.

How does the Weber Q1200 compare?

If you find the Weber Q1200 too small for your tailgating parties, you may want to consider the Royal Gourmet GD401 4-Burner Folding Gas Grill Griddle. For a similar price, this grill offers four burners, a griddle, and about 2.5 times the cooking area. However, it is much larger and will take up more space in your trunk. It also comes with only a 12-month warranty.

If you have storage constraints or are looking for a portable option for your RV or car, the Weber Traveler may be a better choice for you. This grill provides the cooking space you'd expect from a full-sized barbecue but can be wheeled around the yard or folded up and transported to a beach barbecue spot. It's also easy to store when folded in a garage or shed. All this can be yours for around $60 more than the Q1200.

How I tested the Weber Q1200

At Top Ten Reviews, our mission is to provide consumers with the best possible purchasing advice. To achieve this, we extensively test products, from unboxing and assembly to performance, storage, and maintenance. For every gas grill, we time and assess the ease of assembly.

Then, our reviewers conduct precise cooking tests, including cooking chicken breasts, steaks, burgers, whole chicken, and vegetables. During these tests, our reviewers evaluate the range of temperatures the grill can reach, cooking times, the evenness and regularity of the temperature, and any accessories that come with the grill.

Once cooking tests are completed, we consult with experts to seek advice on the best ways to clean, store, and maintain the grill. For more, take a look at our dedicated page on how we test.

  • First reviewed: 18th July 2022
Naomi MacKay

Naomi MacKay has been a freelance writer and editor for the past 20 years. She previously made the move from local newspapers and consumer technology magazines into the gardening press as Assistant Editor at Garden Answers magazine, and has also worked for the Royal Horticultural Society, and writes garden columns for a number of publications.