PDC Spas review

PDC Spas does not disappoint when it comes to quality hot tubs with customizable features and sizable warranties.

PDC Spas review
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PDC Spas is our top pick of swim spas. The company offers a wide range of stylish and powerful swim spas and accessories, and its customer service team is very responsive and attentive.


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    Customizable options

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    Spas suitable for a range of mobility needs

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    Economical and energy-efficient


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    Not easy to obtain a quote

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American-made and available with customizable features, PDC Spas has rightfully earned a reputation for producing high-quality, spacious hot tubs. Also the front-runner in our round-up of the best swim spas due to the high capacity for customisation and the wide variety of models available, their three hot tub collections carry on that trend.

PDC Spas, otherwise known as Plastic Development Co. of PA, Inc, has a range of 16 carefully-crafted hot tubs, all usable year-round. They are almost equally divided across three collections, which are named the Luxury Series, Premium Series, and Lifestyle Series. 

One of the main things that sets apart PDC Spas from its competition is that every single hot tub is American-made. Every aspect of the manufacturing takes place in Pennsylvania, rather than in factories abroad.

“Manufacturing begins with non-filled resins and hand-rolled fiberglass,” explains Lynda Livingston, who has been Vice President of PDC Spas alongside her husband David Livingston since its inception in 1957. 

Naturally, this brings up the manufacturing costs of the hot tubs, which is reflected in the price of the hot tubs. However, when you buy a PDC Spas hot tub, you’re also paying for the quality build and a high level of customer support. 

Unlike some of the other best hot tubs around, PDC Spas hasn’t narrowed themselves down to a select entry-level, mid-level, or luxury market. Prices increase once you play around with the customizable features, with some notable standard features being the roomy footwells and warranties lasting up to 35 years.


You can request a brochure and browse the whole PDC Spas range on the brand's website.

PDC Spas: Hot tubs

  • 16 hot tub models
  • Three collections, sorted according to pricing structure
  • Customizable options

With three clearly-defined collections sorted according to their pricing, PDC Spas doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to organizing their hot tub models. While features vary according to the collection, some notable standard features among PDC Spas tubs are no-float lounges consisting of a steep angle in the knee area, which allows the body to rest deeper into the lounge.

The Luxury Series contains the higher-end hot tubs, named Luxury Bali, Luxury Biscayne, Luxury Fiji, Luxury Malibu, and Luxury Reno. With between 96 and 143 jets, contoured seats, and other features such as smart digital controls, massaging jets, and bubble therapy, they pack the most features overall.  Another standard feature in the Luxury Series is the integrated air channel design of their Air’assage, which aims to replicate a full-body Swedish massage experience.  

The Premium Series consists of six hot tub models, also named after global destinations. Defining features in this range include PowerFlo filtration, TemperLok insulation, an energy-efficient addition. There’s a 25-year warranty on premium models, versus the 35-year warranty of the Luxury Series models and the 10-year warranty on the Lifestyle Series hot tubs. 

The Lifestyle Series is PDC Spas’ final product line. The five hot tubs in the budget range are ‘large on features and small on price’, as described on the PDC Spas website. They have up to 53 jets and up to seven seats, as well as hydromassage jets which can help to relieve joint pain.

PDC Spas: Swim spas

With 19 different base models to choose from, PDC Spas has the biggest selection of the websites we evaluated alongside Hydropool. Those spas are divided into four lines: Summit, Vitality, Synergy, and TruSwim. Vitality spas have an emphasis on fitness and keep costs low. 

They use jets to move the water and create a current you can swim in, as well as offering adjustable resistance for walking, running, lifting weights, or using a pulley trainer. You can choose between 18 or 24 therapy jets depending on the model and while there aren't any water features, you do get up to 6 HP of power, which is more than you do with the other lines available. 

The Synergy line uses jet propulsion as well, but you can go all the way up to between 36 or a whopping 65 therapy jets. A lot of these models have built-in hot tubs, which makes sense because PDC spas creates hot tubs as well as swim spas. 

With these models you'll end up getting a smaller fitness space, but these are still family-friendly solutions to both exercise and relaxation. Summit also offers jetted propulsion, and this is a premium line which features the SX19, PDC's largest available spa at 19 foot long. 

The TruSwim line is a little different. It uses hydraulic dual propellers to create a smooth swim lane. Dual prop propulsion to creates what we feel is going to be the best swim current you can find from PDC. With that line you also get six cascading water sports and between 8 and 37 therapy jets. No matter the line, you get underwater LED lighting and lots of options for grip, a floor mat and audio system.

PDC Spas review: An image of a white swim spa filled with crystal clear blue water, set into dark grey decking

PDC Spas has options that incorporate a hot tub at the end of a swim spa (Image credit: PDC Spas)

Whether it's the TruSwim, Synergy or Vitality series, there are a lot of features to consider. At PDC Spas, each spa's therapeutic jet system can be calibrated to hard or soft massage settings and water flow can be changed with an Ultra Massage Selector. 

You can select whatever jet configuration best fits your needs, whether it's play or exercise. With swim spas ranging from 1,792 to 2,700 gallons, it's not the largest selection of sizes we saw but it's still enough to work for most users. If you want an extra-large swim spa of more than 7,000 gallons, check out SwimEx.

PDC Spas: Pricing and value

  • An even range of entry-level, mid-level and luxury hot tub models
  • No upfront costs listed on the website
  • Option to request pricing by filling in a form

When it comes to pricing, it can be hard to figure out exactly how much a PDC Spas hot tub will cost. The prices are not listed upfront on the website. Instead, the process to get a quote involves filling in a form, which requires your first and last name, address, email address, series choice, and estimated purchase timeline. 

While this may come across as long-winded, it’s a fairly standard process in the hot tub industry. It also aligns with PDC’s personal approach to customer service. Customers are given immediate access to personnel with nearly 30 years of experience in either product selection or technical support, according to Vice President Livingston. 

Without requesting a price directly, the best way to get an idea of pricing is to dig through each of the three collections, which are handily named according to their pricing: the Luxury Series, Premium Series, and Lifestyle Series. The more you personalize your hot tub using lights, stairs, and other features, the more it will bump up the total cost of the tub.

Overall, PDC Spas hot tubs are accessible for most buyers, although those who are looking for a huge range of entry-level hot tubs may want to look elsewhere. 

Should you buy from PDC Spas?

PDC Spas already has a great reputation for producing high-quality swim spas, so it makes sense that the brand is also a good place to hunt for your home hot tub. 

American-made and accompanied by lengthy warranties, PDC Spas provide peace of mind when it comes to quality and longevity. The customisable features are the cherry on top for those who want a hot tub with a personalized touch.

The fairly even spread of models across different price ranges makes PDC Spas a wise starting point to explore your options if you’re undecided or flexible on your budget. “Hot tubs are offered in three Series, each one specifically designed to meet the needs from the discriminating buyer to the price-conscious consumer,” explains Lynda Livingston. 


You can request a brochure and browse the whole PDC Spas range on the brand's website.

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