4 reasons to switch to an electric lawn mower, according to experts

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Over the past several years, more and more things in our lives have become battery-powered. From computers to phones and vacuum cleaners to cars (and everything else in between), it’s almost impossible to find a household gadget or tool that doesn’t run on a battery, including some of the best lawn mowers.

Not only have we seen a growing trend (and demand) for robot lawn mowers helping us to cut our grass without even lifting a finger, but traditional push mowers have become electrified too as batteries and motors have become more powerful.

There are many reasons why choosing an electric lawn mower could be better for you than a gas lawn mower, but don’t just take our word for it. We talked with some experts too. Rafi Friedman is the CEO of Coastal Luxury Outdoors, a pool and landscaping company in Florida with over 20 years of experience. And Gene Caballero is the Co-Founder of GreenPal who has over 25 years in the landscaping industry. Here's why it would be worthwhile considering the switch over to electric.

Electric mowers are good for the environment

Not to mention, you won’t be breathing in all those gas fumes as you mow.

This is probably one of the more common considerations when comparing gas vs electric lawn mowers, and for good reason. A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  study from 2015 estimated that as much as 49% of non-road carbon emissions came from gas-powered yard tools. Gene says switching to an electric mower "not only reduces your carbon footprint but also enhances the user experience with easier starts and less vibration."

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Gene Caballero

Gene is a passionate entrepreneur who is dedicated to revolutionizing the lawn care industry through technology and innovation. He is committed to making lawn care services more accessible and affordable for homeowners while also helping local lawn care professionals grow their businesses.

Electric mowers are quieter to operate

It may not sound like a big deal, but electric mowers are pretty significantly quieter than gas-powered mowers. An easy way to compare them is an electric mower is about as loud as a washing machine whereas a gas mower is about as loud as a motorcycle. Not only is this better for your own hearing, but it may not annoy you neighbors as much either.

Electric mowers are easier to use and maintain

Most electric mowers tend to be lighter weight than their gas-powered counterparts which makes them much easier to maneuver around the yard. This not only lessens the strain on your arms, but it might also help you get things done a bit faster.

Also, since there’s far fewer components and parts in an electric mower, they’re much easier to maintain in the long run. Instead of having to replace engine parts regularly, all you likely need to do is sharpen or replace the blades every few years and swap out the batteries when they go out, typically in a few years. “Make sure you take care of the batteries and get the blades sharpened every year or two, and you’ll have a reliable, easy-to-use machine that will do it’s job more cleanly, quietly, and efficiently than a gas mower,” says Rafi.

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Rafi Friedman

I am the CEO of a pool building, construction and cleaning company in Florida. We service over 1,000 clients and build over 100 pools annually.

Electric mowers save you money

The lower maintenance requirements are a big part of what makes owning an electric mower much cheaper than a gas one, in addition to saving money by not having to buy gas anymore. While some electric mowers are still pretty expensive, over the past few years the costs have started to come down, and be more -line with the prices for gas-powered lawn mowers.

Rafi says: “While they [may be] more expensive up front, you’ll more than make your money back in lower operating and maintenance costs.”

Gene says: "Switching from gas to electric lawn equipment offers significant benefits, especially for those with smaller yards."

There are a lot of great reasons to consider buying an electric lawn mower. Whether you’re wanting to help out the planet a bit, or you just want to save some money, electric mowers are a great idea.

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Are electric lawn mowers the same as battery-powered?

Mostly, yes. While both electric lawn mowers and battery-powered mowers run off of electricity, as deliver similar results, electric lawn mowers use a power cord to operate. Since you don't have batteries to worry about or replace, this usually means they are less expensive to own and operate than battery-powered lawn mowers. However, this also means you may not have as much range or maneuverability with an electric lawn mower. 

Is an electric start lawn mower worth it?

In most cases, yes. Electric start lawn mowers start up and run instantly without having to pull a cord or deal with filling a gas or oil tank. There are far fewer parts to an electric start lawn mower which means there is less to maintain or replace over the life of the mower. Not only that, electric start mowers have a much lower impact on the environment and are much less disruptive to your neighbors.  

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