What are the quietest washing machines in 2024?

Quietest washing machine
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The quietest washing machines don’t just lower the ambient noise in your home, creating a more peaceful living environment. They can save you money, too, by using digital inverter motors. These use magnets that reduce friction in your washer, allowing it to run more quietly and smoothly. Not only does this reduce vibrations, but it enables your washer to run more efficiently when it comes to energy use. Inverter motors are also more durable and less likely to develop faults, saving you money in the long run. 

Perfect for open-plan living or for households that like to run their washers at night when energy tariffs are cheaper, quiet washing machines are also ideal if you work from home. No more muting during work meetings when your washer starts spinning!

If you’re a family that enjoys watching a movie or binge-watching your favorite shows, a noisy washing machine can be an unwelcome interruption to your evening’s viewing. 

To help you pick the best washing machine for your peace-loving household, we’ve rounded up the quietest washing machines available on the market based on user reviews and ratings on Best Buy. We’ve specifically picked out those washers that purchasers have praised for their low-decibel volume during operation. Plus, we’ve checked out their other key specs, features, and warranties to ensure you’re getting a quiet washing machine that also offers value for money. 

If you can’t find your perfect washer here, why not check out our guides to the best top load washers and best front load washers for more great options? 

Where to shop the quietest washing machines

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The quietest washing machines we recommend in 2024

Whirlpool WFW5605MWSKU

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Whirlpool WFW5605MWSKU

This is the quietest washing machine based on Best Buy user reviews


Type: Front load
Color: White or chrome
Capacity: 4.5 cu. ft.
Maximum spin speed (RPM): 1160
Energy Star certified: Yes

Reasons to buy

 Super-quiet operation 
 Plenty of cycle options 
 Great cleaning performance 

Reasons to avoid

 Some users say spin is noisy 
 Not wi-fi-enabled 

With 4.5 cubic feet of washing space, the Energy Star-certified Whirlpool WFW5605MWSKU can clean up to three laundry baskets at once, perfect for medium to large households.  

What the users say…

This super-quiet washer achieves a remarkable 4.5 stars out of 5 on Best Buys, with many users rating it highly for how quiet it is. One user commented, “My clothes come out cleaner, and the machine is so nice and quiet that I forget I have clothes in the washer. Nice job, Whirlpool!” A few negative reviews say the spin can be noisy, while others have problems with leaking doors and failing units, though these appear to be individual appliance issues. 

This front load washer features vibration reduction as one of its stand-out features, which includes sensors that adjust spin speeds and weights that counter unbalanced loads, resulting in minimal vibrations for a smoother operation. As a result, this machine is the top-rated washer on Best Buy for quietness.

With 37 wash and rinse cycles, you have every conceivable laundry option open to you, including a steam function to aid with stain removal, sanitization, and softening wrinkles. It also features antimicrobial protection, designed to eliminate bacteria - perfect for members of the family with allergies. 

Regular loads can be cleaned in as little as 25 minutes with the quick wash cycle, while a cold wash cycle protects bright colors for longer. The fast spin speed of 1160rpm means your clothes come out extra-dry, cutting down on tumble dryer costs, too, while you can lower the spin speed if needed. 

This high-efficiency washer uses less water and electricity, while automatic temperature control ensures that each cycle has the optimum conditions for a clean load every time.  Whirlpool estimates this washer costs just $15 in annual running costs. It also comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. 

How to choose the quietest washing machine

Quieter washing machines are usually ones that can operate under 75 decibels. Although we all enjoy a more peaceful household when it comes to appliances, there are other benefits, too, particularly if you’re living in a household with people who work shifts, younger families with babies, and people who want to save on their energy bills by popping on a laundry load at night, when energy is typically cheaper.

If you work from home, it’s super helpful to be able to get your laundry done during office hours. But if that means muting yourself in Zoom calls once your washer starts to spin, it’s less than ideal!

As more of us renovate our homes into open-plan living and dining spaces, a quieter washer becomes less of an indulgence and more of a necessity, while turning up the volume on your TV to drown out the laundry just adds more noise. A washer that can spin quietly without vibrating all over the floor is a must-have. 

In fact, quieter washing machines don’t just save your sanity. They also save your hard-earned cash. Their more efficient digital inverter motors that reduce all that noise and vibration also use less energy, are more durable, and are less likely to suffer from wear and tear. They’re also kinder to your laundry room floor because they don’t bounce around on it.

What are the downsides to having a quiet washing machine?

While it’s hard to think of any disadvantages when it comes to a quieter washing machine, the one factor that stands out is cost. Washers that boast of noise or vibration technology tend to have a higher price tag than those that don’t. Over time, though, more washers will start to use these technologies as standard, and the prices will (hopefully) lower. 

If you’re concentrating on quietness as your most important feature, it can be easy to overlook other crucial factors, such as capacity, number of wash cycles, steam function, self-cleaning, app controls, child locks, and more. Make sure that you’re not buying based only on the decibel level, and you’ll be guaranteed to find the right fit for your household.

Even if you’ve discovered the perfect washer that’s barely audible, all that effort on finding it will be lost if you install it too close to other appliances or furniture or place it on an uneven surface. Make sure you leave enough clearance around your new washer and that it is well-balanced to take full advantage of its lower volume. 

Finally, you might also find that your once super-quiet machine tends to get louder with age. Wear and tgunged-uped up detergent, corrosion or rust can all start to build up over time. So ensure you keep your washer well-maintained and clean so you can rely on it being whisper-quiet for longer.

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