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Our Entryway Makeover – A 2 Storey Revival!

Posted on February 15, 2017 by KylieMawdsley


The Great Revival of our Foyer

Sweet hallelujah!  Oh wait, it’s not THAT kind of revival, however it is kind of like God has shone a light down on our entryway and given it new life – or maybe it’s our new light fixture.  Well, either way, our entryway looks NOTHING like it did when we bought our home – which is a definitely a good thing.

entryway foyer before taking the doorway out and painting

When I first walked into our home (almost 3 years ago – holy moly!), I felt like I was walking into either a townhome or a home with a basement suite – NOT a 2 storey single family detached home.  The entryway was like a secret warren of walls, doors, passages and I half expected a gnome to come through one and say ‘right this way madam, to the dungeon family room’.  Okay, seriously, it wasn’t that bad – our home has always been beautiful, but it DID need a little bit of TLC (or KLC if you’re so inclined).

And while it may have taken almost 3 years it’s FINALLY done!

BTW, I want you to play the ‘Where’s Doug’ game.  See if you can find all 4 Doug’s (and one Henry).

The main entryway area

2 storey entryway, foyer and stairwell, curved wall before remodel (2)

2 storey entryway, foyer, stair with curved railing. golden doodle, wood and metal railing, Benjamin Moore Steel Wool feature or accent wall by Kylie M Interiors

Did you notice all of the changes?

Before:  A cased doorway leading to the family room / After:  No door OR doorway

Before:  Solid drywall that hid the upstairs area from view / After:  Wood and metal curved railing

Before:  Ugly pine beam over the header underneath the curved wall / After:  No ugly beam

Before:  While you can only see it in the very FIRST photo, there used to be 12×12 tile flooring which had IMPOSSIBLE colours in it.  It also transitioned to ANOTHER ugly tile at the doorway to the familyroom /  After:  We decided to take our new flooring almost everywhere, creating much more flow


And I knew that ONE day this curved wall would be LONG gone, as would the walls going up the stairway.  It’s actually amazing that it took me 3 years to bring out the sledgehammer (who am I kidding, I hired someone to do the dirty work and sat back and drank wine by the jug…with a straw).

2 storey entryway, foyer and stairwell, curved wall before remodel (1)

Before, who even KNEW what was up there???

2 storey entryway, foyer and stairwell with wood and metal railing. Sherwin Williams Creamy and Benjamin Moore Steel Wool. Rounded railing

After, the light from both the entryway AND the upstairs great room co-mingle, creating a bright, open space.  And check out what really IS up there in this post, ‘Our Living Room Update’

The paint colours are…


From the stair landing

From the middle stair landing, you could see that there was a LOT of air space (being a 2 storey foyer) as well as a lot of…wall.

entryway foyer before painting and removal of doorway

2 storey foyer, entryway with round large clock, white armoire, Benjamin MOore Steel Wool and Sherwin Williams Creamy by Kylie M Interiors

See the changes?

Before:  Drywall on the right hand side of the stairs / After:  Wood and metal railing

Before:  Fugly pine molding capping the foundation wall on the right / After:  More traditional white molding on the foundation wall and YES I was soooo tempted to do shiplap, but I’m hesitant to commit to a trend that will require major wall-patching once I’m over it (so in like 3 months)

Before:  Top left curved wall / After:  Top left curved railing

Before:  While you can’t see it, there was a multi-armed light fixture straight outta 1996 / After: With scaffolding, a good friend and some good beer, we got a new light fixture up (and the old one is still sitting on our back deck rusting)


From the front door

Here’s the view coming in the front door…and yes, that IS a big bad ass clock.

Foyer, entryway with white wood armoire for kids stuff, Benjamin Moore STeel Wool gray paint colour by Kylie M INteriors

And did you know that this armoire used to be THIS armoire below?  I painted the heckadoody out of it in about 3 hrs with Rustoleum ‘Chalked’ Ultra Matte Paint.

Southerwestern style pine wood armoire before being painted diy


Now let’s take it from the top!

Before, this is really where I felt like we were in a narrow townhome, which would obviously be fine…if we lived in a narrow townhome.

Before entryway and stairwell remodel

If was a pretty dark, dense look – which I like in some rooms, but I wasn’t feeling it for this large, bright area.

2 storey entryway, foyer and stairwell with rounded or curved wood and metal railing. Sherwin Williams Creamy

Stairwell with beige carpet, wood and metal railing and Sherwin Williams Creamy a light off-white paint colour. Kylie M Interiors E-design and colour consulting

After, you can REALLY see how things opened up and brightened up.  And you can probably see a flash of my lovely chartreuse doors in the top photo, which will soon be changed to Hale Navy (can’t wait!).


Ahhhh, there she is – my beautiful 1990’s light!  Epic photo quality, I know.  At the time I wasn’t planning on becoming world famous with these photos…

Curved landing at the top of the stairs with chandelier, golden doodle and Sherwin Williams Creamy by Kylie M INteriors

Doug alert!  And seriously, he’s such a poser.  I’m not sure if this was before or after he ate 5 granola bars from the pantry.


Before: Again, epic photo quality by yours truly…

Stairs before remodel and update

stairway with wood and metal railing, beige carpet, Sherwin Williams Creamy, golden doodle and rescue dog

I love this view, and while it was a close one (thanks to a messy contractor), we managed to keep the carpet on the stairs, helping to keep the budget in line!

Before:  Wall on the left side of the stairs / After:  Wood and metal railing

Before:  Disturbingly black railing on the right side (I like black railings…just not this one) / NO hand railing

Before:  No dogs / After:  The installation of a dog/pig and a Muppet at the top of the stairs.  And yes, the poor lil’ bugger has a skin condition that he takes prednisone for, hence the pinkish tone.  The other one had a golden retreiver Mom and Animal from the Muppets as a dad.

So there it is!  Want to see how it jives with the rest of our home?  Check these out!

Moen Glyde faucet in chrome, Bianco Drift quartz by Caesarstone, Benjamin Moore Metropolis painted vanity and gray subway tile shower by Kylie M Interiors

Our Maple Bathroom Remodel

hexagon subway tile backsplash. Maple cabinets painted Cloud White, soapstone formica countertops and gray quartz with kitchen decor

No More Maple Kitchen Update

Decorating a long and large wall in a family room with Ikea Hemnes and Benjamin Moore Gray by Kylie M Interiors

Our Family Room

Do you want some personalized help for own home?  I have some great customizable packages for you to check out here!

affordable e-decor. e-design and color consulting, online decorating,e design and virtual services. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams Color Specialist



    1. Wow Sherry, thank you! I’m pretty darned happy with how it’s all turning out 🙂

      BTW, what is this ‘Go Crafty’ is it your site or do you work for the ‘Mixed Media Resources/parent company?’ It’s very cool!


  1. Looks gorgeous! I absolutely love the new architecture and the styling. What color is the paint in the hallway…behind the clock? Thank you!

    1. Thank you Tanya! And I can’t believe I forgot the colours (I’ve since updated the post). The gray colour is Benjamin Moore Steel Wool. I used it in my dining/kitchen as well, I LOOOVE it!


      1. Beautiful color! I wondered if it was that color, you had mentioned it previously with the dining/kitchen makeover. Thanks for your response, and once again, Just absolute adore this makeover!! Even the pillow arrangement on the bench…simple yet striking!

  2. You did an amazing job, Kylie. Maybe I should start drinking more wine, too…lol
    We have been in this house for 1 1/2 years and we haven’t stopped. There’s so much to do. Your house looks incredible and I especially like your bathroom. I will have to consult you when we renovate our bathroom. And I also love your 2 precious dogs….so adorable. Thanks for a wonderful peek into your home. I always look forward to your blog.

    1. Post

      Oooo ya, that was a super fab chartreuse, it was a bit ago now but I think it was close to Behr Margarita, lightened by 25%…maybe Midori. I also love SW Hep Green!

  3. Haha I LOVE your style…both decorating and writing. So hilarious. You make me actually want to read your descriptions when normally I just like looking at pretty pictures. I am hopeless at decorating (one of those people who know what they like and DON’T like when they see it but fail to be able to reproduce it themselves :/ ) so I am glad I stumbled across your website. Keep up the informative and entertaining work!

    1. Post
  4. Could you tell me where I could purchase the clock in the entryway above the armoire? It’s beautiful!

    1. Post
    1. Post
  5. fantastic renovation! I love the fact you painted some trims same color as walls, to simplify the architecture!
    Question: is the blue/grey on the two story wall actually 2121-20? My sample from the BM fan looks so much darker and less blue.
    Thank you!

    1. Post

      Hi Emi, THANK you! So, the blue-gray really is 2121-10 – Steel Wool! I will say though, the fan deck sample looks darker on the small scale and that space had some pretty good north-east light hitting it to brighten it up :).

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