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Sherwin Williams Repose Gray SW 7015: Paint Color Review

Posted on December 2, 2022 by KylieMawdsley

Repose Gray: is it warm, is it cool, is it POPULAR? Let’s find out! 

Are you looking for the perfect gray paint color? Feeling nervous about those sneaky green, blue and violet undertones? Don’t be (insert Superman song here), as I’m on a mission to demystify my fave shades of gray, and today, we’re chatting about Repose Gray. 

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Repose Gray is a gray paint color (I’m not just good-looking, you know). However, it’s not a TRUE neutral gray as it has a weeee wink of a brown in it, making it a WARM gray.

This next photo is AS WARM as I’ve ever seen Repose Gray look. Usually, it caters harder to gray…

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, kitchen with red wood cabinets, St. Cecilia granite similar to Venetian Gold - Repose too gray


Without a doubt, Repose Gray is gray, although, in some lights, it can look a touch greige-taupe. And while it has some passive warmth, it looks nothing like beige – don’t worry.


While Repose Gray can favor a soft violet undertone, there’s also a bit of green undertone. And believe it or not, once in a while (given the right exposure/interior finishes), I’ve seen Repose Gray flash a touch blue. While every gray has undertones, some grays flex a bit more, and Repose Gray is DEFINITELY one of these grays. Because Repose Gray can be unpredictable, I highly recommend ordering the Samplize version to see how it settles in YOUR room.

Undertones of Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, shown with orange toned oak wood flooring and railing. Kylie M Interiors Edesign

When I mention violet undertones, my Online Color Consulting clients often get nervous with visions of Barney dancing through their heads. However, hints of an undertone like this can soften a color, stopping it from looking flat and boring – particularly in dark and gloomy or north-facing rooms.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, dark wood flooring. White stair railing. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy blogger and online paint colour consultant

BTW, my blog runs 100% on wine, Doritos and my Online Color Consulting client’s PHOTOS – thank you SO much for sending them in!

  • Repose Gray is not a typical ‘fresh’ gray; it’s soft and warm, even though it can look cooler in some situations.
  • If you don’t like violet undertones, you’ll want to tread carefully with this color. That being said, I have DOZENS of E-design clients who don’t like violet undertones who LOVE Repose Gray.

Open concept great room, living room, wood burning stove, stone fireplace, Sherwin Williams Repose Gray warm gray paint color on walls, gray sectional, light wood floor. Kylie M.

Now to sum up the above info for those with more SPECIFIC questions…


While Repose Gray doesn’t WANT to look blue in the right environment (i.e. exposure based or with trim that’s overly warm), it CAN pick up a blue hue. HOWEVER, of the three gray undertones, blue is the one that’s LEAST likely to show up, as shown in this next photo (hardly a wink of blue to be seen).

Entryway of foyer with light wood flooring, black front door, home decor and Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. Kylie M.


Repose Gray can nod politely at green but rarely commits on a LARGE scale.

This next photo shows Repose Gray picking up a subtle green hue…

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray with St. Cecelia, Venetian Gold look granite countertops, too gray walls. Kylie M Edesign

However, as shown earlier, notice how it shifts depending on which part of the room you’re looking at, the time of day, and the light bulb temperature

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, kitchen with red wood cabinets, St. Cecilia granite similar to Venetian Gold - Repose too gray

If ANY degree of green makes you nervous, you may want to read this…

The Best Gray Paint Colors With VIOLET/Purple Undertones


Just as with the green undertone, Repose Gray can pick up a touch of violet without hardcore commitment. If you don’t want ANY chance of violet – you’re looking at the wrong color. Instead, explore shades of gray that are more inclined towards green.

Remember, EVERY gray has undertones – find the one that best suits the finishes in your home! 



Repose Gray has an LRV of 60. With an LRV of 60, Repose Gray won’t look like a heavy color in a room with an adequate amount of light, but it also won’t bring a TON of reflective value to the table (or the wall, in this case) if you have a darker room.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Paint Color with LRV

Tile 2 storey fireplace. Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. Contemporary modern fireplace. Gray and yellow colour palette. Kylie M Interiors E-decor and Online Color Consulting

If you want to learn more about LRV, check out this article: LRV – What Do The Numbers Mean?


A room might have low or cool-toned natural light for a few reasons:

  • there are a lot of trees outside blocking the sky
  • it doesn’t have many windows (or any windows)
  • there’s a large overhang outside the window (like a deck or large soffits)

And as you can see in this next photo, having another house close by can really affect the quality of light coming in the window!

Repose Gray in a low light room. Kylie M Interiors E-design

Any of the above reasons will contribute toward Repose Gray changing its overall appearance, flexing through the cool undertones and going from being a warm gray to a slightly cooler-looking one. SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE – make sure Repose Gray looks like you want it to in your space!

If you have a darker room, Repose Gray can look heavy and drab due to the color itself…

1.  Repose Gray doesn’t have a lot of chroma or ‘color’ to it. Color is often used to add interest and personality to a room with muted light.

2.  Repose Gray has a slightly lower-than-average LRV (as discussed earlier). That low LRV combined with the low chroma can leave it pretty flat looking. You need to improve your interior lighting and choose the right light bulbs to bring it to life!

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, a warm gray paint colour with laminate wood flooring in entryway, stairwell and great room. Kylie M Interiors E-design and Online Colour Consulting services

In the end, if Repose Gray goes a wink too cool for you, check out Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, a gorgeously warmer alternative…

Dining room in Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, traditional style wood table and china cabinet with decor. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online best paint color expert

Color Review Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Agreeable Gray vs Repose Gray, Revere Pewter & More

On the other hand, if Repose Gray seems too warm, you might like Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray

Best gray paint colour. Open concept kitchen and living room, Stonington Gray, stone fireplace K2. Kylie M INteriors Edesign. Vaulted ceiling

Paint Color Review of Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray


In a room with average natural light, Repose Gray holds itself well, sitting in the light zone without being washed out. Repose Gray is undoubtedly at its personal best in spaces like these.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray in family or living room, dark wood flooring, Kylie M INteriors Edesign, online paint consultant. Client before photo

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, master bedroom with dark cherry wood furniture, navy blue, white and red accents. Kylie M E-design and online color consulting expert


Because Repose Gray has an LRV of 60, it will still wash out a bit in an ULTRA-bright room, but will hold itself better than many of the lighter gray paint colors.

In this next photo, you can see a DRASTIC shift from the left side of the fireplace to the right. Notice how the depth and undertones change with the shift in natural light (the left side is bright northern light).

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray with teal and yellow accents in a palette

Let’s take a quick break to talk about paint samples…

Undoubtedly, you’ll be heading out shortly to grab paint samples – stop right there! Please check out SAMPLIZE Peel & Stick. Here are just a few reasons why I recommend Samplize to my clients…

  • samples arrive ON YOUR DOORSTEP in 1-3 business days, depending on the location
  • they’re more affordable than the samples pots/rollers/foam boards that are needed for traditional paint sampling
  • if you keep the samples on their white paper, you can move them around the room

Paint colour review of tool Samplize, peel and stick samples. Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Farrow and Ball, Home Depot. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, online paint color consulting

Visit the SAMPLIZE website HERE


When looking for a white paint color for trim, cabinets, ceilings or doors, lean into those that aren’t OVERLY warm, for example…

  • Sherwin Williams Pure White with its wink of softness
  • Repose Gray does NOT want to be partnered up with an overly warm white!

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray with warm orange oak flooring, railings. White trim. Kylie M Interiors Edesign, diy and online paint color consultant

BTW, look at how much blue it grabs in this foyer! This isn’t common, but you still have to be careful! 

Sherwin Williams 4 Best White Paint Colors


There will be NO perfect match when it comes to different brands – each color will have its nuances, undertones and intentions. This is even MORE the case with Repose Gray, as Benjamin Moore doesn’t have anything even CLOSE. However, these colors have similar intentions…

And if you’re thinking of color matching between brands, you might want to read THIS first.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray vs Repose Gray, Revere Pewter & More


If you’re looking for colors that compliment Repose Gray, check out…

  • whites that are bright or only slightly warmer (i.e. Sherwin Williams Pure White)
  • shades of gray with similar undertone profiles but more DEPTH, like Dorian Gray or Dovetail
  • GRAY-blue-green blends, especially those in the light-medium or medium range (i.e. Sherwin Williams Argos is awesome)
  • BLUE-GREEN-gray blends (meaning the gray takes a step back).
  • DARKER green-grays like Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray
  • Repose Gray doesn’t always like paint colors that are cooler and lighter than itself OR darker and warmer

Finally, let’s cover a few common questions with…



While Repose Gray has its following, with trends leaning warmer, it’s not popping up nearly as much. And while it’s not quite outdated, it’s also not the most UPdated approach. Also, there are other warm neutrals with more predictability and flexibility.


A question like this is ALWAYS open to perception. However, in my Color Consulting, Agreeable Gray is FAR more popular than Repose Gray and is often the better choice for the average room.


Heck…no. While Repose Gray can be reasonably flexible, it’s often a bit too cool for interior finishes and rooms with ‘less than ideal’ lighting.

Not sure if Repose Gray is the right color for you? I’ve got more!


Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray Paint Color Review 

Paint Color Review of Sherwin Williams Light French Gray

The 12 Best WHOLE HOME Gray & Greige Paint Colors

Not sure which gray is best for YOUR home?

Check out my Online Consulting / E-Design Services!

The best gray paint colors for your room. Benjamin and Sherwin. Edesign, Kylie M Interiors online paint colour services. Home decorating and diy ideas blogger.market


Chat soon,

Kylie M Interiors Edecor and Edesign

Written in August 2015, updated in 2022


  1. Hi Karen! I love SW paints. If you are in Canada it’s the Opulence line, if you’re in the States its called Cashmere. Its the middle of the road and I love the quality/price point. Now keep in mind that flat finishes can be ‘wipeable’ (barely) but not washable. I’ve yet to find a good washable ulti-matte paint!

    Thanks for asking!

  2. Oh Emma, YES, this has happened before! In fact, I was just my Repose Gray post today to chat a bit about that. I would say it’s ‘rare’ but you are the third person I’ve heard of this happening with. Exposure can affect things for sure but keep in mind, with yellow and hunter green underneath, even 2 coats (if it’s not high quality paint) might not be enough and you ‘could’ have some of that original colour flashing through, distorting things…

  3. Hi Jacquelyn! I know, Pinterest can be SO deceiving as to how things will ‘really’ look. A lot of the images online have been edited, particularly the more professional ones on Pinterest/Houzz. In a really well-lit room, REpose Gray will still show up to the party, but you wouldn’t see as much contrast as you might see in a more average/moderately lit room. If you have great light, I might just bump right on down to Mindful – and since they are in the same colour range you might just need to do 1 coat if you do a good job!

  4. Hi – Have you heard of mixing 50 % mindful gray with 50% repose gray – and what the results might be like?

    1. Hi Mary, nope I haven’t heard of that! Usually i just suggest either lightening one or the other – I’ve found that 40% is the magic number that does the trick to get me ‘in-between’ 2 colours.

      Hope that helps!

  5. Hi Kylie – I can’t tell you how helpful your blog has been to me!!
    We recently bought an old 1930’s fixer upper on 40 acres. The house is a big L shape – lots of big different facing windows hallways, high ceilings, dark staircase, etc…outside trees – but still good light. Because of multiple window directions…the light changes by the minute! I wanted to brighten it up with grays, but about $500 later in various BM gray paint choices…everything, and I mean everything, kept turning blue – pink blue, purple sweet tart blue, periwinkle blue…ugh! I would use a sample, and it would look great, but then show up completely different on 2 walls in the same room!
    I found your blog, switched gears, and grabbed samples of all the paints on the SW Repose, Mindful, Dorian strip and…voila! I had to change shades from room to room according to the light – but it all flows and looks really pretty. There are still some slight blue undertones, but mostly just a nice fresh, gray feel. To note – the Mindful is a welcoming bluish/gray in the bright foyer but looks the exact same color as the Repose in another hall/office/breezeway…the front room and DR which are immediately off the foyer, are in Dorian – but only a little darker looking than the Mindful! A half bath (small but decent window) in Mindful has not even a smidgen of blue…but more taupe, and looks darker than the Dorian in the DR.

    I decided I am doing the kitchen walls in white, mostly just to break up the blue/gray feel from everywhere else…so I must ask…do I go with Eider White since these tones seem to work? Or will that come off feeling like an extension of the other rooms, just lighter? I’ve noticed you like BM’s White Dove? Any other thoughts for whites? (with plain white trim)

    *Also, an interesting side note…salvaged from my troubling BM relationship – I painted our dark stairwell in BM’s Winter Solstice with plain white trim (with dark wood banister & risers)….and by all accounts it looks gorgeous! Oddly, the stairs open to the Dorian in our front room and I am not sure you would even notice. Under closer inspection WS is cooler – but kind of a rich, warm coastal feel (…Cape Cod in winter by a fire??)

    Thanks so much for all the great info – hopefully, this may help another poor soul stuck in the gray blues!!!

    1. Hi Laurie, sorry for the delayed reply and I’m SO glad you’ve find my blog helpful! And you are RIGHT, I LOOOOVE me some White Dove! Eider White is pretty but can have a vague purple undertone. Bad? No, but I like the subtle neutral warmth of White Dove, particularly if a lot of your colours are flexing to the cooler side rather than the warmer side. Also check out BM Calm https://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=benjamin%20moore%20calm&rs=typed&term_meta%5B%5D=benjamin%7Ctyped&term_meta%5B%5D=moore%7Ctyped&term_meta%5B%5D=calm%7Ctyped which is like Eider White but with a weee wink of softness/greige to it.
      Hope that helps!

  6. We have to choose our interior pint color on our house being built without seeing samples on the wall.s. It will be the same color throughout the entire house. Our trim and cabinets will be pure white. I have it narrowed to repose gray, light French gray, and knitting needles. I am so scared of undertones. Any suggestions??

    1. Hi Brenda! If you’re nervous about undertones I would think that the MOST safe would be Repose Gray. It can flex around a bit, but it’s always pretty. Knitting Needles can come up a bit too purple. Light French Gray is beautiful, but I think Repose is a bit more safe 🙂

  7. Hello I love your Blog, you give excellent advice. I am going with BM Gray Owl bcs of your advise, my furniture is gray and accents are coral, yellow and aqua. My problem is that my Living Room, Dining room and kitchen are right next to one another with very little wall space in between the LR and DR. The Dining and Kitchen are connected (one room). My kitchen cabinets are all white, dining table grayish silver. I have 6 windows in the Living Room, and 1 window in the dining room/ kitchen area. Yes, very dark area. Should I paint the dining/kitchen another color? only 2.5 walls in dining room (1 of those has the lonely window) and little wall space in kitchen mostly cabinets and appliances with an Island. I was thinking about yellow, but what shade of yellow should I use with BM Gray Owl? Or paint all the rooms with Gray Owl, since they are in close proximity of one another? I will be forever grateful for your advice.

    1. Hi Regina, thank you for your note! Now with personal questions with a bit more detail I usually refer to my Online Consulting as I do have a ‘feature wall’ package that’s affordable! Based on what i can read, I’m thinking that they could all be the same, but unfortunately it’s hard to tell without photos 🙂


  8. Hi Kylie!

    Your blog has been enormously helpful to me. I can’t thank you enough for all that I’ve learned! The painters are coming in 2 days and I’m still on the fence about my kitchen wall color with my cabinets to be painted Dorian Gray. I’m using Repose Gray in the den, foyer, up the stairs, and in my husband’s office. For some reason, I just can’t commit to Repose on the kitchen walls….so much gray. I saw your thoughts on Eider White (purplish-ick) . My painter likes Pearly White with it. I’d like a decent contrast with the white trim. My table and chairs are orangey wood and the floor a light , neutral tile. My fingers are crossed with the hope that you can advise and celebrate with me the passing of my old oak cabinets!


    1. Hi Kris! it’s really hard to consult without seeing photos (which is why I usually refer to my e-design) but have you looked at Agreeable Gray for a subtle shift into something a wink more greige?

  9. Hi Kylie!
    I’ve painted my kitchen and entire first floor Repose Grey. I want to paint my cabinets and I’ve been sitting on this decision for months! I am trying to decide between Dovetail, Pavestone, Acier or Gauntlet Grey for the cabinets.
    Any thoughts on a good cabinet color to go with Repose Grey walls?
    Thanks so much for all of your great posts!

    1. Post

      Hi Sara! Well the best advice I can give is that cabinets seem to look lighter than you THINK they will once all is said and done – so with that being said, I would lean toward Dovetail as the ‘just right’ choice – not too dark, not too light.

  10. Hi Kylie! I’m in a major dilemma. Currently I have revere pewter in my large family room downstairs, with high ceilings, lots of windows (I’m on an end unit) which gets TONS of sun in the morning, into afternoon. I’m repaintjng, due to a small candle fire, and just can’t find the right color. My plan was repose gray, but was afraid it was too beige-y as I have a couch that can sometimes pull green. At SW yesterday, I saw how similar repose is to revere, and decided to try more grays. The rep turned me to knitting needles and zircon, true grays. At first I loved zircon, but woke up this am and it’s far too light, against my furniture. So I painted more of the knitting needles around. This room goes into my dining room and to my kitchen, so there’s no breaking point to change colors. (My kitchen cabinets are painted in Chelsea gray. )

    Can you give me any thoughts? I’ll lose my mind if I have to keep running back to SW, as it’s not very convenient and need to get this decided on by the weekend. Any help you can give would be amazing! Thank you 🙂

    1. Post

      Hi Ashlee! I have to say that the one problem people don’t have with Repose Gray is beige and in fact it sounds like it could work really well for you! The amount of beige it has in it is SOOOOO fractional – it barely qualifies as a warm gray and doesn’t even TIPTOE close to greige. I’ve also had it pick up a variety of cool undertones that you’d find in those more traditional cool toned grays such as blue/green/purple. I don’t know, it sounds like it could be just fine to me!

  11. I had no idea it would be so difficult to pick the perfect shade of gray. We currently have samples of repose. Passive, knitting needles, lazy gray, front porch and Argos on the walls of our living room, entry and stairwell. None of these areas receive a great deal of light but the colors look different in each spot. All will be against white trim but the living room is adjacent to the dining room which is painted a light sage/mint green. Although we were in search of a true gray, we are leaning toward repose as most of the others look too dark and passive a bit blue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Post

      Hi Vicky, thank you for the note! I try to give as much complimentary info as I can on my blog and if that doesn’t work, it might be time for a closer look via my e-design! It’s fun and affordable and this way I can look at photos/questionnaires and come up with some options that make sense, rather than just guessing! If that interests you, the link is here… https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/product-category/interior-paint-colors/
      Chat soon!

  12. Hi there! We are expecting a baby girl and just painted the nursery BM Stonington Gray. The swatches we painted looked beautiful (which is why we chose it), but now that the room is painted it is reading WAY too blue. I am a fan of warm grays – my favorite is Mindful Gray, which I have used in a number of other rooms in our home. I am considering repainting using that, but really wanted a lighter gray so I was thinking of using Repose Gray since they are in the same family. Do you think Repose Gray will read blue since Stonington Gray did? Would I be better off lightening Mindful Gray? This room has one east facing window and our trim is cream (not a true white). Thank you!

    1. Post

      Hi Jessica! Well, Stonington Gray DOES read blue because it has that undertone. Now REpose Gray is a very slightly warm gray but it does have some cool undertones and is well known for flexing into them – particularly purple. A handful of times it’s picked up a subtle blue, but certainly not often. I would also lighten it by 25% as because it’s a touch more muddy, it could be a bit heavy for a baby room…
      I hope that helps!

  13. Hi Kylie!
    We are painting our basement repose gray, thank you for a helpful review! We are trying to find a nice coordinating color for the full bathroom that is in the basement. Though it’s a full bath it’s very small and has no window since its in the basement. I like Cucumber and white mint through Sherman Williams, but do they clash with Repose Gray? Any other suggestions? Thanks!!

    1. Post

      Hi Amy, thank you for your note! Those colours are lovely, but a touch too ‘lively and colourful’ for the likes of Repose Gray. You may want to explore colours with more gray in them. When it comes to actual colours, I’d only be guessing as I don’t know what your tile/countertop/etc… looks like. When it comes to personal questions I do refer to my E-design. It’s affordable and fun and this way I can take a look at your room… https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/

  14. Hello Kylie!
    Thank you for your helpful videos!

    We’re designing a house with a warm midtone wood look tile, beige carpets and white kitchen/white quartz (no warm tones in the kitchen). Most of the house has nice natural light.

    Would Repose Gray sound like it could work for the whole house, to break up the “beige”? Or would a warmer floor clash w/ the purple/pink undertones?

    1. Post
  15. Hello! What an AWESOME space to stumble upon! Extremely helpful!! We are building – open ranch. I’m stuck between agreeable gray and repose gray. Cabinets and trim will be SW pure white. Our kitchen island, beams, and stair railing will be stained. We will have LOTS of natural light. Which colors would you go with?

    THANK YOU!!!!!! -Mandy

    1. Post

      Wellll, if it were me, while EVERYONE ELSE seems to grab Repose, I’d go for Agreeable. I like its flexibility. It can look like a greige, but it can just as easily lean considerably more gray and pick up a vague cool blue (given the right exposure). I just think it’s fab. Repose is great too, but I find it a touch heavy (in which case you could lighten it by 25%) but I DO miss the very subtle warmth/balanced that Agreeable offers…hope that helps! Normally I send questions along to my E-design, but you caught me at a good time!


  16. Kylie,
    Loved your post! would you recommend Repose Grey for an English basement with only 2 windows. Want to keep the space warm and as light as possible

    1. Post
      1. Hi Kylie,
        I have an accent wall that is Fairview Taupe by BM in a large great room with a lot of natural light. Do you think Repose Gray would work for the other walls?

        1. Post
  17. I am doing a kitchen remodel. My den that my dining room opens up into is new (recent ad on). My walls in the den are repose grey and my trim is white. I will be repainting the dining and kitchen to match. So, my question is, if I want grey kitchen cabinets what color grey do I go with (in your opinion)? Suggestions please.

    1. Post
  18. I painted my daughter’s room in mindful gray. Looked great! Used Agreeable gray in the bathroom and it looked beige, so I switched to mindful on the cabinet and repose on the wall. Repose is totally light blue. And you would never know the mindful on the cabinet is the same as the wall. I then painted my kitchen repose gray and it too looks blue. Only this time I wanted the blue undertone because my kids did not want me to change the bluish gray cashmere that was already there but I wanted a change. Oh, and just about all soft grays look lavender in my hallway! Even after I changed the lightbulbs too. These colors are so dependent on the lighting….

    1. Post

      I know Karen, isn’t it just mind boggling! I’ve found that Repose Gray, IN PARTICULAR, is one of the BIGGEST chameleons in the gray world too!

  19. Thank you for your wonderful blog! I’ve been reading a lot of your blog lately while trying to paint our entire main floor ceilings over naptime and between having several sick kids (Gong on 4 weeks now). All of your detailed reviews have my indecisive self leaving towards agreeable grey for our split foyer main living\entry. Hoping it doesn’t become washed out as I’m used to the sw latte that have been on the walls since before purchasing (oak floor and orange maple\oak cabinets. Who remodels with the same tone wood cabinets as the floors these days? Ick! I’m so sick of the brown everywhere!)
    You have given me so much knowledge on LRV and lighting! I would love to use you for am online consult someday when it’s in our budget for our remaining rooms. Until then, I just wanted to say thank you!!!! <3

  20. Hi Kylie,
    Great blog by the way! I just painted Repose Gray in my dining room, and plan to carry it through the open concept kitchen and living room but the dining room is looking blue. Ive already bought a 5 gallon bucket so I feel like I’m stuck with color. My question to you is, Is there anything they can add to the tint to offset the blueish it has in our home?
    I oringally painted a ton of cardboard cuts out with all different grays you’ve suggested and my husband and I both liked this color the best but now getting it on the walls we are a bit nervous to do all of it. ????
    Thank you so much!

  21. Hi, my wife and I are looking for a grey paint to use in the kitchen with our cream cabinets. We have dark wood floors and caramel fantasy counters. Which have a bit of grey in them as well. Any recommendations? We have been trying to find a color for four years now….ugggh

    1. Post
  22. Scared I chose poorly! New construction. White shaker cabinets, med stain wood floors, very bright kitchen, lots of windows.
    Used Repose gray for the island cabinets as well as the range hood that goes to the ceiling.
    Walls are set to be done in Owl Gray (BM 2137-60). Will this look awful?! Cant change the cabinets but could try to change the wall color – HELP!

    1. Post

      Hi Margaret! I’m not sure that I would put those 2 together. Don’t worry as it won’t be BAD, I just think it could be a bit better. My concern being that Gray Owl is a bit unpredictable and can be a soft gray, but can also EASILY look a bit green or blue. I might look at something a bit softer, along the lines of BM Balboa Mist perhaps. It’s hard to say without seeing your lighting/flooring/etc…
      If you’d like me to look into this, I do have an e-design service that is affordable and fun! https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/


  23. I am wanting to paint an accent wall in my formal living room. The entire house is Repose Gray, and I have accents of blue throughout. What blue would you put on one accent wall? Love the navy trend right now?

    1. Post
  24. Hi Kylie,
    I’m getting ready to paint my open concept main areas and am considering BM Nimbus. Am looking for a warm grey with no yellow or green undertones. Going to compliment it with a wall in BM Smoke or Sea Star. Any thoughts on Nimbus? I have. Looked at so many SW colors, and almost went with a lighter Requisite grey but think it’s too dark. Thanks!!!

    1. Post

      Hi Donna, sounds like you’re on the right track, Nimbus is gorgeous! However it is only a slightly warm gray, fractional at best. You can also look at BM Collingwood which is quite beautiful!

  25. Hello Kylie !
    I”m looking for a greige color for the exterior of my home. I’m looking at Agreeable Gray and Repose Gray. I seen you said both have a touch of purple in them. I am afraid in the sun, the purple will show. which would you say has the least amount of purple and would better suit the exterior of the home?

    Thank you for your time,
    Erica J

    1. Post
  26. Wow your posts have been so valuable in my renovation, thank you. So I would love your thoughts on Repose Gray throughout an entire main floor, open concept family room/kitchen with white cabinets, large windows which also extends into hallways and smaller rooms with less light. I want one color throughout and think I have looked at everything! I am saving Grey Owl for my bedroom :-), love Passive but it seems too icy/blue on wall sample. I need a Neutral, not too beige, not too gray. Thank you, Ashley

    1. Post

      Hi Ashley, I want you to check out Agreeable Gray – it is the epitome of not too beige, not too gray!~

  27. Hi Kylie,
    I painted my family room Repose Gray and it turned green. I researched a ton to try to find the right gray for this room that has low natural light. I don’t understand how this happened? We also painted our upstairs hallway and it looks blue up there? Go figure. Can you give any insight? I would love to post a picture so you can see it but I don’t know how.

    1. Post

      Ooooo you have experienced the chameleon-like nature of Repose Gray! So, in my time using it and referring to it, I find that MOST of the time it does what it SHOULD do, which is act like a soft warm gray that favours a very vague purple undertone. However the rest of the time it slides either blue or green, more often green. The slightly darker version of it, Mindful Gray can do this as well, but I’ve found that as the colours on this strip get darker, that risk fades away. Some grays are just that way, it’s about the different colours that are used to create them, meaning that under the right circumstances, they can flash a bit green. I can’t say it’s the low natural light in particular, as I’ve used it in rooms with low-natural light with no green. Sometimes it’s the colour of the trim that makes it shift this way or the light bulbs or the exterior exposure/greenery outside. I know, it can be a bugger…I’m sorry it didn’t turn out the way you hoped! I mean, even the fact that it turned into a blue undertone in your upstairs is a bit more unique for this colour!

    1. Post
  28. We used Repose Gray on interior rooms (no windows) with fluorescent overhead lighting. It is lovely, but definitely shows the green undertone.

    1. Post
  29. Hello! We are getting our whole house professionally repainted…right now the walls are a light tan color. We’ve painted large swatches of both repose gray and agreeable gray on different walls throughout our living room. Repose looks blue on all of the swatches on the walls. Could that be due to the existing tan color that is underneath? I love how repose looks in all the pictures online but I’m so scared my whole house will look light blue. Agreeable gray looks really nice but I’m just worried it might turn out too beige and not give us a big enough difference overall. Any advice?

    1. Post

      Hi Lan! Yes, things could easily be influenced by the colour underneath. The best way to sample is to paint 2 coats on a white poster board and leave a white border around it, so you can visually separate it from the old colour. However, Repose Gray is unpredictable and I have seen it go a bit blue (but if you have different exposures in each room, it shouldn’t do it EVERYwhere. If I were to choose between the 2, I would lean toward Agreeable Gray myself as while it can lean into a slight gray-blue in certain lights, it is more of a cool greige tone.

      1. We made a white border around our paint samples and it totally changes the way we see the color! The repose no longer looks blue…it almost has that slight green undertone to it and is beautiful! And the agreeable looks more Greige/beige now! Both are such great colors and now I’m torn! In your experience…which gives a fresher feel to it?

    1. Post
  30. Kylie-
    I’m going to do you online consulting for my house, but wondering about my daighter’s Would Classic Gray work with these accent colors? Turquoise, mustard, indigo, orange, pink…

    1. Post

      Hi Sheila, it can depend on the room as Classic Gray can go quite warm or quite gray. If it goes warm I don’t know if it feels QUITE as nice with those accents, but not bad.

  31. Hi! I’m wondering your opinion on repose gray if all out trim and kitchen cabinets are Decoratirs White by BM? I’m also wondering what your opinion would be in ceiling color throughout house since our trim and crown moulding is decorators white. I’m just worried it may be too white for a ceiling. Thanks!

    1. Post

      Hi Amber, I see no problem with Repose Gray and Decorators White! DW is a cool white that does favour cool colours, and although Repose is a warm gray, it loves picking up cool undertones! And remember, ceilings generally shade themselves a bit, so white isn’t always as white is it seems 🙂

  32. Would you recommend repose for a basement color?I am looking for a nice fresh color that reflects a touch of warmth /green , what is the LRV of this color? If not what would you recommend?I also like floritine plaster BM , until I came across your very helpful information on this color. Thanks , Carole ????

  33. Your reviews of paint samples are so helpful. I recently painted the middle of our home SW Repose Gray. I am now repainting all of the bedrooms. I want to take the Repose Gray into each of the boys bedrooms (girls get their own color) with an accent wall in each. For the first one, I chose SW Denim which was perfect with the Repose Gray. I need a gray or greige accent wall that will pair nicely with Repose Gray for the other bedroom. Any suggestions? I really wanted to love Gauntlet, but the one single window in this north-facing bedroom made it feel way too dark.
    Thank you,

  34. Hi Kylie,

    What is a good alternate in a north east exposure room. Looking for that coastal Hamptons look.
    Repose looks too cold in this room.

    Thanks Sophia

  35. Just discovered your playful yet sage painterly advice. My guest bedroom I am going with Revere Pewter, but if I tweek by 25% white, what will be the revised lrv? I don’t want the eastern exposure to be too dark with our oak trees in the one large window.

    1. Post

      Hi Nancy! It’s not about adding white, it’s about having them lighten Revere Pewter by 25%, they’re really just cutting back the ingredients that are going in the can, if that helps ;). Now re: the LRV, it can depend on the colour and how much black it has. Some colours adjust a bit more than others. I’ve found that 25% results in an approx 3-5 point raise, so Revere Pewter could have an LRV a bit closer to 60 :).

    1. Post
  36. Hi Kylie,
    You have such an informative blog and youtube channel. Help! I have PURE WHITE on trims and doors. I have an option to choose 1 color out of Natural choice and Repose Gray for the whole home and ceilings. Natural choice looks like a safe option but Repose gray leans on a modern look. Please advice which one will give a nice tone yet a distinguished look.

    P.S- I want to have a clean bright look with the combination. DO NOT wan’t the home to look darker.


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