Eureka unveils the world's first dual washing machine combo at CES — it's a washer/dryer and a robot vacuum in one

Eureka washer combo at CES 2024
(Image credit: Future / Jennifer oksien)

CES 2024 is the space to unveil the latest tech innovation. If you can't launch a new product that is slightly out of conformity at the event, then where can you?

While Eureka isn't a household name like Dyson or LG (yet), this didn't stop them from innovating and launching the Dual Washing Bot. It synergizes a robot vacuum with a washing machine that can also dry laundry. This 4-in-1 appliance is new to the market, redefining how you clean your clothes and your floors.

It looks like your typical front load washer until you look down. Underneath the door to the drum is a cubby for a robomop, which boasts a powerful 8,000Pa suction, advanced obstacle avoidance, and the ability to self-empty.

The idea behind the Eureka Dual Washing Bot is that by connecting it to your drains and water line, both the washer/dryer and the robot can automatically empty and fill the reservoirs to offer ultimate convenience. And if you want to upgrade the robomop then you can do this by simply opting for your new Eureka robomop and replacing the plastic docker.

Both the washer/dryer and the robomop carry a little maintenance, but not much. The washer/ dryer will need topping up with detergent on each use, whereas the debris bag of the robomop — which is tucked away in the main unit — will need to be replaced after 60 days or when full.

The robomop can be controlled either by the touch panel on the washer/dryer or by the app for ultimate control.

Eureka hasn't got a launch date or any pricing details for the Dual Washing Bot, but what we do know is that it'll be available to buy from major resellers as soon as it becomes available.

Jennifer Oksien

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