EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower review: a battery-powered lawn mower for large yards

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EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower pictured from the front in a yard
(Image: © Future / Jennifer Oksien)

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The EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower is a gardener's battery-powered dream for cutting back the grass in a large backyard. It can be used either as a self-propelled or as a push lawn mower, and it feels like a solid bit of kit. I found that it took a bit too much practice for my patience to use it as a self-propelled, though, and the battery kicked up a racket when charging.


  • +

    Quick and easy to assemble

  • +

    Feels solid

  • +

    Fantastic cutting performance

  • +

    Easy to store


  • -

    It takes some trial and error to use as a self-propelled mower

  • -

    May be too heavy for some

  • -

    Makes a noticeable noise when recharging

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I moved house in the summer and, with that, I also took over the ownership of a 400sq.ft backyard. The ground is uneven, and patchy grass is in abundance; I needed one of the best lawn mowers that would be up for the job (challenge).

When I was offered to review the EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-inch Select Cut Lawn Mower, which is also known as the EGO LM2135E-SP 52cm Self-Propelled Mower (Kit) in the UK, I couldn't wait to get started at cutting back the unwieldy lawn. It's the latest lawn mower to join the EGO battery-powered lawn mower range, and I had high expectations.

The brand launched in Europe in 2014. They had a vision to create cleaner, quieter, and safer cordless outdoor power equipment. Their team of experts has revolutionized battery technology to become one of the world leaders. The EGO Power+ 56V Arc Lithium battery has an innovative design to maximize cooling. It's cleaner and safer for the environment, with no emissions and less vibration. The battery pack is also transferable across the entire EGO cordless range, making it a contender for one of the best electric lawn mowers for versatility throughout your yard arsenal.

In my experience of using the battery, I found that it is really bulky and heavy. It also makes an unexpected noise when charging. It doesn't take too long to fully recharge, though, and it fits securely under the hood, creating a comfortable balance across the lawn mower when in use. Read how I got on assembling it and, ultimately, how it performed cutting the grass. 

Jennifer Oksien
Jennifer Oksien

Jennifer Oksien (Jen) is the editor of Top Ten Reviews. She has tested and reviewed countless appliances over the years and is keen to take her experience outside to challenge popular yard tools in her new backyard.

Jen tested the EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower in her 400 sqft backyard. The ground is uneven, with patchy grass. The battery-powered lawn mower was tested intensively for one month, from initial setup through to storage.

EGO Power+ LM2135SP: key specs

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Runtime60 minutes
Charge time60 minutes
No. of handle bar positions3
No. of cutting heights7
Cutting width21in / 52cm
Adjustable self-propel speed0.9 MPH – 3.1 MPH
Dimensions66 x 39 x 17in (h x w x d)
Weight (mower)26kg
Weight (battery)2.9kg
Accessories included7.5aH battery, Rapid Charger and collection bag

EGO Power+ LM2135SP: first impressions

The EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-inch Select Cut Lawn Mower arrived in a large, EGO-branded cardboard box. Upon delivery, the base of our delivery box collapsed, which made it difficult to move into the garage before setting up. It was also notably heavy to carry on my own.

The unboxing and assembly took very little time and effort; the main unit was already assembled, and I didn't see much plastic packaging in sight. The blades were already attacked on my review unit, but the instructions allude to these having to be fitted. Within a few minutes, I had it all out of the box and ready to go out on its maiden voyage once the battery was up to full charge.

Included in the box is the EGO Power+ 56V Arc Lithium battery and Rapid Charger. The battery is bulky and heavy, weighing 2.9kg. It arrived with 25% of charge, so it would only achieve one-quarter of its expected runtime. I have a large backyard, so I followed the advice to fully recharge it before first use. It took 1 hour 9 seconds to fully charge-up from a 25% charge, which is longer than the duration stated (1 hour from empty). The noise it made when recharging was rather annoying. I measured a noise level reading of 57dB, which is equivalent to a loud conversation.

When fully charged, the battery was ready to place under the hood. I was impressed by the overall setup process and the overall look and feel of the lawn mower.

EGO Power+ LM2135SP: price & availability

The EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-inch Select Cut Lawn Mower has a list price of $749 / £919. It's EGO's most recent model and has the same spec in the EU and US.

EGO does not sell directly to the customer, so its tools can only be purchased from garden machinery dealers and some online retailers such as Amazon in the US, and Amazon and Mowers Online in the UK.

While it is widely available to buy from online retailers, I do feel that it is a lot of money for the self-propel technology. Similar EGO lawn mowers have a list price of half this, run off the same battery, and deliver the same cutting performance.

Score: 4.5/5

ego lawn mower out of the box

Everything out of the box pre-setup (Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

EGO Power+ LM2135SP: Design

The EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-inch Select Cut Lawn Mower is a mean-looking cutting machine. It has a chiseled appearance in a green and gray hue colorway.

Built into the front of the hood is a set of bright LED headlights that not only look good but also help when light levels are low. Nestled right in front of the lights is a handle, which is useful when moving the EGO Power+ LM2135SP into storage after use.

ego lawn mower led headlights

EGO Power+ LM2135SP headlights (Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

It has an adjustable cutting height of 1.5 - 4in. In total, there are seven heights to choose from. These can be selected by using the lever on the left-hand side as you're holding the handlebar. While we're on the handlebar, this is where the 'easy' push start button is alongside the turn dial for the self-propel speed that can be adjusted between 0.9 MPH – 3.1 MPH. Underneath this turn dial for the speed is a neon-green lever to hold down that'll initiate the self-propel technology.

height adjusting lever on the EGO lawn mower

Grass height adjusting lever (Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

At the side of the handlebar is another lever (there are a lot of levers), which will adjust the handlebar height. There are three in total. I preferred the highest, which was 39.4in/100cm. I didn't find it very comfortable, though; it felt like I was bending my back a bit. I'm 5ft 9in tall for reference. It may not be comfortable for those over 6ft tall. The other heights are 30.7in/78cm and 35.4in/90cm.

The EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower comes with a 56V Arc Lithium battery, Rapid Charger, and 70ltr collection bag. If you prefer to mulch rather than collect the cut grass in the collection bag, a mulching kit can be bought separately from Amazon.

Design: 4.5/5

EGO Power+ LM2135SP: Performance

The EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower had set my expectations high with all the spec talk. We have uneven ground and patchy grass, so I set the cutting height to '3' for all the mows in the yard.

For security, there's a key, which is like a two-pronged plug that needs to be plugged in under the hood so you can start it up - I desperately tried not to lose this in between moving house and renovating. I stored the key in the same place when not in use, but I fear long-term I may end up losing it, which will mean that I wouldn't be able to use the lawn mower (which could be frustrating).

I found it a struggle to start the lawn mower. The blades can be adjusted, which was noted in the instructions, so I tried this and still didn't have any luck. There's a knack to it: hold down the lever, press the start button, and adjust the speed. Getting the correct sequence took some patience, patience that I don't have bucketloads of. I often found that EGO Power+ LM2135SP started and sped off, pulling me behind, so I spent some time adjusting the speed and tinkering with the self-proper function.

There is also the option to use the EGO Power+ LM2135SP as a push-along lawn mower by not having the speed setting on. Personally, I preferred this because it felt that it gave me more control. It was heavy, though.

I had to empty the 70ltr collection bag several times throughout the maiden voyage. The grass hadn't been cut in a couple of months during the growing season, but I was still surprised at how quickly the bag filled. Still, the grass was being cut, and I didn't get stranded on a mound of uneven ground, which was a result.

ego lawn mower with collection bag attached at the back

The 70ltr collection bag attached (Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

To gauge the cutting performance with more impact, I mowed an apple. We had an apple tree in the yard that was dropping fruit faster than we could harvest, so it was inevitable. The EGO Power+ LM2135SP turned the apple to pulp with barely any remains.

The EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower is advertised as being suitable to cut up to 1000 sqm on a single charge. I tested the walk-behind mower in a backyard of 400 sqm and didn't need to recharge it after I used it. I did, however, need to recharge it towards the end of a second mow, so the battery fell short of what I was expecting. 

It's also advertised that you'll get back on the move in 60 minutes. I found that it took longer than this to recharge from empty, even from a charge of 25%. From 25%, it took 1 hour and 9 minutes to fully recharge. It also made a terrible noise, which reached 57dB - equivalent to a loud conversation.

To store the EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower, I collapsed the handlebar and folded it over the main unit. I then used the handle at the front, under the LED headlights, to maneuver it. While it is notable in weight and bulky at that, it is still easier to store than a gas lawn mower (in my opinion), and you don't need to worry about gas being left in the canister because it's battery-powered. I would remove the key and battery when it goes into long-term storage, though, to prevent damage from extreme temperatures.

Should you buy the EGO Power+ LM2135SP?

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Score card
Price & availabilityAlthough it is widely available to be bought from resellers, it can not be purchased direct. The list price of $749 / £919 is also steep for a battery-powered lawn mower.4.5/5
DesignLooks fantastic and feels like a solid bit of kit. It has headlights and the handle bar folds for storage. It is heavy though, and using a key each time you go to use it becomes annoying.4.5/5
PerformanceI can't fault the cutting performance, but I struggled to engage with the self propelled technology - I didn't find it very intuitive and found I was using the lawn mower mainly as a push lawn mower.4/5
BatteryA 60-minute runtime is ample, and the charge time is quick. It makes a loud noise when charging though.4/5

Buy it if...

You need a lawn mower with minimal assembly required

The EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower arrives as a complete unit, aside from attaching the 70 litre collection bag.

You need a lawn mower that is easily stored

The handlebar folds to take up little space when in storage. It can then be wheeled to where you want it to reside for the winter months.

You have a sloping yard

The self-propelled mower takes the strain out of pushing the walk-behind mower up the hill.

Don't buy it if...

You want/need a lightweight lawn mower

The EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-inch Select Cut Lawn Mower weighs a total of 28.9kg, which is a big size to shift if you're not a fan of self-propelling.

You need longer than a 60-minute runtime

If you do need longer than an hour to cut the lawn, then I'd consider a riding lawn mower instead.

You have a small yard

The EGO Power+ LM2135SP is what I'd call a bit of a 'beast' in terms of size, so it'll be overkill for anything smaller than 200 sqm.

How does the EGO Power+ LM2135SP compare?

At the top of our list of the best electric lawn mowers is the EGO Power+ 21-inch LM2100. The main difference between this one and the EGO Power+ LM2135SP on review is that it isn't self-propelled. This comes at a cost, though; it'll cost you half the price to go without this tech.

If you have a smaller yard of 200 sqft or less, then it would be worth looking at getting a battery-powered lawn mower with a smaller cutting width. The Greenworks 40V 19" Brushless Lawn Mower (Amazon) could be a more suitable option. It has a cutting width of 19 inches, folds down nicely for storage, and has a more palatable list price of $279.

Owners of larger gardens would benefit from a ride-on lawn mower. EGO has a selection of zero-turn lawn mowers that cover up to 2.5 acres. They're powered by EGO Power+ technology, too, so if you like what you've read about the EGO Power+ LM2135SP in this review but need something bigger, here's your answer. This one on Lowe's for $5,499 could fit the bill nicely.

How I tested the EGO Power+ LM2135SP

  • Used rigorously for one month
  • Challenged with uneven ground, patchy grass, and an apple

I tested the EGO Power+ LM2135SP 21-inch Select Cut Lawn Mower before I put it into the store for winter. I gave our lawn its last cut at the beginning of November, having used this EGO lawn mower twice a week in October. From the set-up to cleaning it thereafter, I used this lawn mower in my own backyard as anyone else would. 

I am unable to test it for longevity since it has now been returned. However, I am confident that with the proper maintenance and storage, you'll find this lawn mower to be an essential tool to add to your yard maintenance arsenal for many years to come. Read more about how we test.

Jennifer Oksien

Jennifer Oksien is the Editor of Top Ten Reviews. Jennifer (Jen) has over a decade of experience as a digital product writer specialising in appliances, smart tech and mattresses for some of the UKs leading retailers and magazine titles such as TechRadar, Real Homes and Ideal Home. Generally, you’ll find her watching the latest Netflix series, digging around in the garden or making a cake.